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Jasper AI Black Friday Deals 2022: Save Over $1700 Plus 3 FREE Bonuses [LIVE Now!]

Looking for the BEST deals on AI writing tools? Are you on the hunt for the Jasper AI Black Friday deals? You’re in the right place.

The Jasper Black Friday 2022 deal is LIVE now and expires soon!

Jasper Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer Details: 

Savings of $1,714 plus get 3 bonuses when you sign up for a Boss Mode Annual plan!

  • You’ll get 1.2 million words for your team + all features of Jasper (worth $198)
  • Free Bonus #1: Get 300,000 bonus words that never expire (worth $297)
  • Free Bonus #2: Get 3 seats of Jasper Art to create STUNNING images with AI (worth $720)
  • Free Bonus #3: Claim a ticket to Jasper’s in-person conference (worth $499)

Here’s what you’ll get when you go with the Boss mode bundle during the sale;

jasper black friday deal 2022jasper black friday deal 2022

Jasper is an AI-based writing tool that automatically creates content based on the input you provide. To generate content, you just need to give a title or content brief and Jasper does the rest.

Within a few minutes, you can literally create a 1000-word blog post, product review, or even script for your videos.

The best part? Most of the content generated by Jasper is 100% original. 

The reason we often recommend Jasper is it creates more relevant and informative content than its competitors. 

Want to try Jasper?

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How to Grab Jasper AI Black Friday Deals 2022 to Save Over $1700?

jasper ai black fridayjasper ai black friday

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to grab the best Black Friday deals from Jasper.

Visit the Jasper website and you’ll land on Jasper’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal page which looks like this;

jasper black friday dealjasper black friday deal

Click on the “Claim My Discount + Bonuses” button to continue. It will then take you to the signup page where you will see a popup with “Claim Jasper’s Black Friday Deal”.

Have a look;

Jasper AI Black Friday Deals 2022: Save Over $1700 Plus 3 FREE Bonuses [LIVE Now!]Jasper AI Black Friday Deals 2022: Save Over $1700 Plus 3 FREE Bonuses [LIVE Now!]

Quick note: If you’re already using Jasper and want to grab the deal, simply contact their support through chat.

Click on the “Yes! Accept Promo” button to activate the Jasper deal. Then, you’ll just need to create your account which takes just 2 minutes. Here’s what it looks like;

jasper accountjasper account

Simply finish the account creation and make the payment.

That’s it, you’ll be getting Jasper’s Black Friday deal for $990/year where you’ll unlock all the Boss Mode features with 1.5 million EXTRA words, save over $1000, plus get 3 bonuses.

That’s it, you’re done!

What if you’re already a Jasper user on a yearly plan?

If you’re already using an annual plan on Jasper, you’re also eligible for this offer.

When you claim the Black Friday deal, your account will be charged a prorated amount that is the difference of $990 and how much you’ve already used since your last payment. After paying the difference, you will instantly get access to Boss Mode features along with 3 FREE bonuses.

For example, if you purchased an annual plan of Boss Mode 6 months ago for $590, then half of your remaining credit ($295) will go towards the purchase of the Black Friday plan of $990, leaving $695 due today.

To claim the deal as an existing user, simply chat with the customer support team on Jasper to upgrade today to get those bonuses!

Is Jasper Worth Your Money? 3 Reasons to Grab Jasper Black Friday 2022 Offers

Yes, Jasper is definitely worth every penny.

We’re already using Jasper to beat writer’s block and come up with better headlines, improve our overall content, etc.

Here are a few MAJOR reasons to invest in a tool like Jasper during this Black Friday.

1. Extremely affordable: One of the biggest benefits of using AI tools like Jasper is it’s extremely cheaper. 

You can literally create 50,000 words by just paying $49 per month (if billed annually). That means you’re only paying $10 for every 10,000 words (and only $1 for 1000 words) you generate with Jasper. How cool is that?

An average writer on platforms like Fiverr will charge at least $10 for 500 words. Jasper creates much better content than average freelance writers from these platforms.

So you’re actually saving a ton of money with Jasper. Black Friday is the perfect time to grab this tool as you can save even more on their plans. 

2. 60+ copywriting templates: Jasper offers over 60 content templates to help you create high-quality copy for almost any topic under the sun. Using these templates you can create anything from newsletters to video scripts to blog posts.

3. Create 5x faster: The benefit of using tools like Jasper is that it creates content really faster. Just give it some input and it will create amazing text for you within a few seconds. The output generated by Jasper depends on the content brief you give. 

In case you want to learn more, read this free guide on how to use Jasper Boss mode to create epic content.

Pros & Cons of Jasper AI


  • Black Friday is the best time to grab Jasper as you’ll be getting over $1700 in savings
  • Creates much better content than other AI writing tools
  • Grammarly Basic is included for mistake-free writing
  • Its boss mode is extremely good and creates high-quality content within minutes
  • Access to 60+ copywriting templates
  • It has an easy-to-use interface and amazing customer support


  • The starter plan from Jasper is not worth your money. Instead, go for the Boss mode which helps you create relevant content 

FAQs | Jasper Black Friday Deals 2022

Here are a few important questions about Jasper Black Friday deals and offers.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI software that uses artificial intelligence with machine learning to generate content automatically based on a content brief such as a title or small description. 

Does Jasper offer a free trial?

Yes, Jasper offers a free trial. Visit the Jasper website to get FREE access to Jasper for 5 days along with 10,000 free word credits. That means you can create 10,000 words with a free account. You can cancel within 5 days if you don’t like the content it creates. 

How much does Jasper Boss mode cost?

Boss mode from Jasper pricing starts at $49 per month where you can create 50,000 words.

Is Jasper free to use?

No, Jasper is a premium AI writing tool and its pricing starts only at $29 per month. 

What is the cheapest plan in Jasper?

Jasper offers a Starter plan and its pricing starts just at $29 per month and $24 per month if billed annually.

When is Jasper Black Friday 2022 sale happening?

The sale is already live and expires on 1st December 2022

What is the Jasper Black Friday sale 2022?

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Final thoughts on Jasper Black Friday 2022 Deals 

Jasper is undoubtedly one of the best AI writing tools for bloggers. Black Friday season is the right time to get your hands on Jasper AI as you can save more.

If you’re serious about using Jasper for content creation, go for its Boss mode plan as you can create high-quality content whereas the starter plan is useful only to create headlines, descriptions, etc.

So what are your thoughts on Jasper Black Friday deals for 2022? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments. 

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