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How Garth Adams Bought and Scaled a Website from $1,200 to $30,000 a Month in Just 18 Months


Up until early 2020, Garth Adams earned a good living from several travel sites.

Then Covid hit, crushing his niche, and his world was flipped upside down.

As the breadwinner in his family, he had to find a way to quickly make up for this loss in income.

The solution? Buy sites!

But this was a new strategy for him.

And from the time of buying his first site in September 2020 to a little over a year later, he purchased 15 sites, ranging from starter sites to aged domains and sites with existing income.

This was a great way to learn the ropes, and luckily it paid off.

One of the sites he purchased generated around 30,000 pageviews and $1,200 per month.

Today it gets over 750,000 pageviews and makes over $30,000 per month!

And in his Niche Pursuits podcast interview, Gareth shares what he did to grow this site over 25x in only 18 months.

FYI: he’s done zero offsite link building on the site.

So make sure to listen and enjoy this inspirational comeback story to close off a turbulent year in SEO!

Topics Garth Adams Covers

  • His sites before Covid and the massive email list he had built
  • His programming and travel background
  • The timeline of his new site-flipping strategy
  • How he allocated his resources of time and money
  • Why he doubled down on content sites and SEO
  • Buying sites off Flippa, site brokers, and Facebook groups
  • His strategy for buying sites and how it evolved
  • What he looks for as red flags when assessing a site
  • His timeline for assessing sites to buy
  • Meaty details on his most successful purchase
  • What he did to grow this site’s earnings by 25x in 18 months
  • The tools and processes he uses for keyword research
  • The importance of competitor analysis
  • How he evaluates poor content on competitor sites to outrank
  • His internal linking process
  • How he deals with writers and his content production process
  • Why he puts the main info towards the bottom of the page
  • Hiring to scale
  • How much he publishes per day
  • Changes he’s made after the Google Product Review Update
  • His gameplan for the sites moving forward
  • His vision for the future of content sites
  • And a whole lot more

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Watch the Interview

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Jared: Welcome back to the Niche Pursuits podcast. My name is Jared Bauman. Today we are joined by Garth Adams. Garth, welcome. 

Garth: Hey, Jared. Thanks very much for having me on. 

Jared: Really looking forward to having you on today. I know we, we’ve been going back and forth for, for a couple months now, getting this thing scheduled and getting it all lined up, and I’m really excited.

Uh, we, I, I don’t wanna, you know, kind of get, get too far into your story, but you are, um, another one of these stories that really pivots on the heels of, um, COVID and some of the things that came out of that. It’s just such a really cool story. We’re gonna, we’re gonna get to hear to from you today on why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are and maybe some of the buildup and your background leading up to, um, to what we’re gonna cover.

Garth: Sure. Uh, well first up, thanks very much for having me on. Um, I’ve listened to so many episodes, um, both with yourself and, uh, Spencer. So yeah, feel really, uh, privileged to be on. Um, so I come from a programming background, um, and also a travel background. Um, pre Covid d I ran and I still do run, um, popular travel websites.

I know the pilot and I want that flight, which, uh, constant, well, I want that flight is like a metasearch similar to Skyscanner and Kayak. Um, focusing here in, uh, sort of Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, um, and a bit of Singapore. And then I know the pilot, which is cheap airfare deals. So we send out, um, cheap airfare deals to our subscribers.

Um, pre Covid we hand around 700,000 email subscribers. Wow. A thousand app. Yeah, that was very good back then. , um, a couple hundred thousand app installs and about 550,000 Facebook followers. So that was great. But in March, 2020, uh, everything ground to a halt. Uh, initially we thought it like for three months, then six months.

And the staff, you know, went down from, you know, five full-time down to just me eventually. And, um, most of the people actually left the travel industry. Um, one of the full-timers actually went to another travel company, which is really good. Um, but we had just had to put everything on ice for what, gosh, years now.

Now it’s slowly coming back, which is great. But in that time, um, I just had to find something different. So, and basically, uh, anything other than travel. So one of the things, one of the first things that went back to was a site that I owned previously before I got into travel, which is Sudoku. Um, I owned and I still own au.

And that was sort of milling around and, um, they’re still earning okay money, a couple of hundred dollars a day, but definitely not enough for the, the family. I’m the sole, um, earner for my family and I had revamped that. It wasn’t even up to mobile standard, so, oh boy. For mobile I know , it had been greatly neglected.

Um, I was very lucky that we had a, a lot of um, sort of rusted on supporters there and they’d stuck around anyway, got that up to date and then sort of it, even though the update looks good, it didn’t actually affect many things in terms of earnings. So then I looked around what to do and I decided to, uh, get into content websites.

So I’ve been listening to you and Spencer and a few other, um, podcasts and, um, sort of gelled a bit with my skillset to do with, uh, SEO and um, analytics. And that’s when I started. I probably bought my fo first site in September or October of 2020. And then over the next year and a half, probably bought about 14 or 15 sites.

Um, just going from, uh, a few starter sites that I bought and that was, uh, really, uh, naive , um, thinking that these sites would do okay and I can believe what the seller said and everything. Uh, luckily I didn’t spend too much on those cause they certainly haven’t earned anywhere near what I bought. And after a few months of that, I sort of realized that if, if I wanted to get anywhere quickly, it’d be better to buy, um, a preexisting site.

And then, um, just looking around a places like Flipper, places like Investors Club, that sort of thing for sites to buy and ended up buying a fewer flipper and also Facebook groups. And yeah, that’s, that’s how I got into. 

Jared: I’m really fascinated by your kind of pivot, I guess we’ll call it. Right? Like, um, oh yeah, , I mean, it sounds like a pretty dramatic pivot that you took in terms of having to jettison what you were doing in the travel industry and going into it, I, I, I, it sounds like a different path, but at the same time you were running websites before.

What was, what was the pivot, um, really about in terms of transitioning to content sites and, and what was, what was difficult about that? What were you changing, I guess, from your previous expertise along the way? 

Garth: Um, well, with, I know the pilot and I want that flight, um, I want that flight was SEO driven, um, in the beginning.

I, I’ve had that site for around 15, almost 20 years now, and definitely in the beginning. Um, but I know the pilot, it was much more Facebook and Facebook marketing. And then once you’ve got those subscribers and you can send out subscribers or send notifications, , you just don’t have to be worried about a Google update.

I gotta say, which is a wonderful feeling if for anyone that’s ever, you know, nervously gotten up every morning just going, what’s it gonna be today? Or, they’ve heard about a Google update happening and how’s it gonna affect them? Um, it was great not to have to worry about that. Um, you know, but, uh, luckily it still is around and so we can still get Google traffic, um, because it’s very hard to start a site, um, start a content site based on, you know, Facebook marketing.

So the new site was all about, um, finding out the, the strengths, like links and everything like that, that were existing to it. And yeah, just getting your ads and also investigating Amazon and, uh, that was something that I knew about but hadn’t really done much. 

Jared: So what was it that attracted you to buying a site or site rather than maybe any of the other alternatives you could have gone about?

I mean, you could have started a website, granite, maybe it would’ve taken longer, but you would’ve had more control. I mean, there’s always, there’s always trepidation about, you know, buying. Yeah. You kinda leaned into a bit like, yeah, for sure. For sure. I could go on what, you know, why’d you go that direction?

Garth: Um, well I really had the idea, I knew a few different ad networks and it was, it’s pretty clear, and I’m sure a lot of your listeners know about this, you know, if you can buy a site that’s just earning money with Amazon or just earning money with ad Sense and then upgrade the advertising or ad advertising, if they’ve only got.

You know, you can double the earnings quite quickly. And then if you can just hold it for three months, then sell it. And that was my initial idea. It was gonna be a lot like, you know, house flipping. Just buy the website, do it up, get the revenue up. Hopefully the traffic stays the same, maybe it’ll improve.

That’ll be great. Just pray that it doesn’t crash and then sell it soon after. Um, look, that did work a bit, um, but I think, uh, look at the beginning it was easier to buy sites like that. Um, and towards the end of last year, I was finding it increasingly difficult to find sites that were easily upgradeable.

If you’re finding anything on Flipper, someone’s already done that work. And that’s when I was sort of turning to find, uh, Facebook groups, which are a little rougher. And certainly, uh, it’s easier to get scammed for sure. But, um, you, you do uncover sort of more diamonds in the rough. But, um, even then, that was starting to dry up a little bit.

So look o. Definitely bought, um, I, I was very lucky. One site I bought and the money was, um, on the way and going into escrow and just as it hit escrow, um, there was a problem with the site and the traffic just went down to about 20% of the traffic. Um, now luckily it was through a broker and I was able to reverse the deal and get the money back, which was around about $70,000, which was, uh, you know, a fair bit

But if that had been through a Facebook group or something like that, I would’ve just lost the money because it would’ve been straightened the other person’s account and they would’ve just been said, too bad, so sad, . Um, so yeah, look, it, it is, it is a risk, but at the same time, you know, if you need to, I know change parts reasonably quickly.

Like I didn’t have five years or I, or if travel was gonna come back. Um, so you need to, you know, take risks. You certainly, um, pay a lot of attention to the signals as much as you can. Um, and yeah, a a a few of the bets went right. Um, a few of the bets have gone down slowly. Um, but one of the sites which we’ll talk a bit about later, has just gone off like a rocket.

So, you know, that’s 

Jared: really good. Yeah. And, and little tease for everyone listening. That’s the one you wanna stay around and listen to. Cuz boy has it gone off like a rocket . That’s a good way to put it. Um, I wanna ask you about your criteria that you, you used to buy sites and maybe how it developed, cuz you talked about how you bought some starter sites in the beginning that didn’t turn out to be the strategy you wanted to continue with, and then you developed that stretch.

Where did, where did you land? I have my notes with you and I going back and forth. You ended up buying, you’ve purchased eight sites since then, along with two age domains, so you’ve got a pretty good number of purchases under your belt. Walk us through the strategies, uh, or maybe just what you’re looking for, the criteria you have and maybe how that’s developed over the years and, uh, and what you’ve 

Garth: learned.

Sure. Um, one thing I found with buying sites is you have to evaluate a whole lot every day. Um, there’s no, uh, I, I didn’t find it useful to look every couple of days because then if anything good has come along, someone else has already snapped it up and then only got that, that one day that you are looking and then you spend a fair bit of your time looking over things over the last three days.

And yeah, I found it much easier to just once a day, have a look around, you know, hit up the Facebook groups, hit up flipper, hit up investing, maybe Empire flippers. If I’m feeling, um, particularly rich, they’re definitely a bit more expensive. Um, and, and so then you really need to be able to evaluate sites as quickly as you possibly can.

Um, so then I’d be looking for traffic from, um, either us mostly or the UK or Australia, Canada, that sort of thing. Um, I’d be looking for what sort of advertising network it’s on. I’d be looking for what side of niche, as much information that I can get from the post as possible. Um, like some niches I was more comfortable, uh, for a content site.

I was comfortable with just about anything other than, um, illegal stuff or sort of makeup and beauty. I didn’t have, uh, much, not that I have much, uh, exposure to these other ones, like in-depth knowledge, but I really don’t in, in those niches. So I just to keep away from. Um, and then once you have a site and you go, okay, they’ve given me three or four months of um, income, but the amount of information you get on Flipper might look a little skimpy, but the amount of information you get on Facebook groups is crazy small

So you might just get the last three months income or the last three months profit or something like that and uh, or traffic seriously just for the last month and no one will give away the u url. Sometimes people even post, they’ll only give away the UFL URL after the sale. I dunno if anyone actually goes through with that and that’s just crazy.

But you’re trying to, cuz you’ll be looking at 10 or 20 of these each day and you want to be able to whittle ’em down as quickly as possible. If you see something you’re like message them saying, Hey, can I get access to Google Analytics? And usually people are pretty quick with that. As soon as you’ve got that, just go in and I’ve got like five or six questions that I immediately can just go through and look as quickly as possible.

And these. Questions are not so much make, whether they make things look good, it’s whether they turn up any red flags. And I can immediately, you know, um, just forget about the site and if there’s a site at all looking dodgy, um, I’ve just gotta try and let it go. Um, you know, the, think about there’ll be things to, you know, the next day or the next week or something like that, rather than try to convince myself that it is okay, or this is not too bad, or there’s some reason for this, or something like that.

Um, if you’ve got a bad feeling in the beginning, it’s only gonna get worse later on. It is what I believe anyway. Um, so the things that I’d be looking for, you know, is the bounce rate, staying stable. Um, if there’s a really low bounce rate, that probably indicates that they’ve got the Google Analytics code on twice, um, things like that, which is inflating all kinds of stats.

Um, have a look. Where’s the traffic coming from? Have a look at what the split is, if it’s mobile or um, desktop. Um, it’s, you know, obviously is the traffic going up or down? Um, I think I mentioned, you know, where is the traffic from? So you’ve gotta go down and have a drill down, have a look at, it’s all the ca traffic coming from China, in which case it’s probably your box or whatever.

Um, looking the average time on site and then get that in a graph so that you can actually see whether it’s suddenly going up. There’s any look for any sort of spikes. Does that usually indicate some kind of issue? And then go through and have a look at the actual pages that you’re getting the most traffic.

And is it just one or two pages, in which case that’s a bit more risky? Or is it, you know, a fantastic spread where every page is less than 10%? So once you’ve had a really quick look and then you really like it or you don’t hate it, , it’s more the, the. Then get back into the owner and say, okay, now I need access to Google Search Console and do more of this sort of thing.

Then, you know, then it’s time to talk money. Or hopefully the person’s given some indication of what they’d like. Usually on Facebook they’ll do this, that less. So on Flipper, they’ll go for an auction, but on a Facebook group they’ll say sort of what they want, um, based on how much the site is earning, and then it’s up for a minute negotiation.

And then, um, if that works out, then it’s off to some kind of escrow. So yeah, and then you can have the whole site done in just a few days. 

Jared: So a nutshell, you almost start by whittling sites down by looking at red flags or things you know you don’t want. And then secondarily you get into actually, hmm, do I want this site now has kind of passed a couple of the tests.

Is this actually a site I would, I would want to buy and want to own it. It doesn’t look like it has any red flags. 

Garth: Yeah. Yep. Um, I just find it. Yeah, the fastest way is just to, to knock out science. Um, otherwise you’re spending ages going, well, maybe this or maybe that. But if you and I try to, like, I’ve got a numbered list that I just go through and I can just quickly shift the thing to things, especially, you know, when I’m going through Google Analytics.

So just try and do it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you know, you can spend hours each day, um, just, you know, evaluating sites, but you want to get it done as quickly as possible. Um, also, you know, it might sound easy to do, um, but if you’ve been a month without buying a site or two months without buying a site, then you can be looking at things a little less critically.

Um, and it helps if you’ve got it sort of written down and you say, look, yes, I haven’t bought a site for two months, but that doesn’t mean I should just buy this site, which has clearly got this red flag. You know, you can sort of say, oh, here’s my criteria, and just get that out of the way. Um, yeah, otherwise I found myself considering sites that, uh, just.

Less than optimal and more of a chance of being a problem down the, down the track. 

Jared: Yeah. Guy reminds me of buying a house. I remember our, our real absolutely estate agent was like, you know? Yep. It, this is a long process sometimes, and we don’t want to change our parameters as we go because we’re getting desperate or we feel we have this emotional connection to a home.

But yet you said you needed three bedrooms. This one has two. So , , it’s, it’s a lot like that. 

Garth: Yes. But that, that’s a very, a big, extremely, um, thing, but yeah. Um, yeah, ab absolutely. Absolutely. And if you, you know, I dunno if you’ve been looking for a home recently, but by the third month you just, you’re like, your face is melting off your head and you’re like, oh, I can’t bear this anymore.

Um, and it gets a bit like that with buying the sites too. You’re just like, man, this is how I was planning on making money with flipping. I’m not buying sites, I’m definitely not flipping them. So, yeah, it can, you can feel the pressure. 

Jared: Before we get into the, the, the, the big home run that you ended up g getting and growing, I want to ask just one question on your kind of eval process, because you, you talked about how you did buy some starter sites and not a fan.

You also talked about how you, you mentioned that you bought some age domains and put content on those, and then there’s these kind of preexisting sites, we’ll call it, for the lack of a better term. Like they have revenue already on them, right? Yeah. They already have, already earning revenues. That’s the difference between them and maybe a starter site.

What, what, you know, kind of distinctions did you find in how you were looking at sites and why did you end up gravitating towards one over or the other? 

Garth: Well, when I bought the starter sites, I guess I was super naive. Um, uh, the, there was a thread at a forum just saying, here, buy this site and here’s testimonials from other people and everything like that.

And what I wanted was a highly replicatable method for getting started. And I thought if I just start, you know, from scratch doing this or doing that, then it’s, it’s gonna take even longer than buying one of these starter sites. And also, uh, if I buy one of the starter sites from this person and it goes well, then I’ll easily be able to replicate it just by buying more sites.

Now that was probably extremely negative. Um, and I did buy the site and I did do what they suggested with links and everything like that. Um, and it didn’t really work out. It’s not that it went badly, it just didn’t do as well as I needed it to. So moving on from that, that was when I started into buying websites and I bought a small website.

It cost a thousand dollars and it was earning something like $30 a. And I thought, well, look, even if the guy completely screws me and just runs away with the money, um, I haven’t lost that much. And the site actually went well at that stage it was more about testing out what a transaction’s like. I actually, my first site was buying off a guy off Facebook, although, you know, if I’m ever gonna be screwed.

And when you go into it there, there’s so much you don’t know and you don’t know, you don’t know. And I thought, okay, I think I’m covering every base, but who knows if there’s some way out of escrow where they managed to take everything and, and stuff like that. But it, it went well. Um, and that site exposed me to different sorts of content that you can produce.

And that led me to, um, and look, the site actually did well, like in the next month or two. The traffic went up greatly. And I gotta say through no work of my own , it was just the right time with the links that the previous guy had put on. He was happy cuz he got his money. I was very happy cuz it was earning a whole lot more, um, if it didn’t last and the site was, you know, quite a risky thing.

I knew that going into it, but it definitely paid for itself. And that got me thinking about what could be done with age domains. And also, uh, I guess because the first experience was good, I thought, okay, we can do something more with buying existing sites rather than, you know, toiling away at sites from scratch.

Jared: Well, let’s, I mean, because you bought a bunch of ’em, but let’s talk about your most successful one because the numbers are, are really great and they’re really fun to talk about. I, I just maybe set the stage by telling us, um, you know, when you bought the site and then uh, uh, where it was maybe revenue page views, these kind of things, um, when you bought it, where it’s at now, and then we can hear about how you found it and how you grew it


Garth: sure. Look, I don’t have the, the figures right in front of me, so I’m sorry off, just off the top of my head. Um, but yeah, when I bought it, it was, I think in. June or so, uh, 2021. And I already bought a number of sites and I think it was doing, I think it was doing around about thousand dollars a month.

It was exclusively Amazon. Um, and that got boosted up to 2000 quite quickly just by putting ads on. So that was, that was great. Um, gosh, are we, can you tell me what, what did I say with the, the traffic figures? I should have gotten them all sort of ready. I know what they are now, but back then I don’t have, yeah, I don’t have either.

Ok. Well, I think it was around about a thousand to 1200 visits a day. I know it was less than, um, getting accepted in a Mediavine and the guy was running on Oh no, he had no, no advertising at all. And I, I, so the first thing I did once I bought the site was transition over to Zoic and that went well. And then after a couple of months, the traffic, the, the traffic must have been something like at 40,000 visits.

A month and, um, but it was on an upward trajectory, which was something amazing to see for a site for sale. Usually they’re flat or going down or something like that, person selling it. But this was just fantastic. It had an upward trajectory and it continued up. And once it passed 50,000, then I was able to apply to Media Vine and got in with them, which is also good because I’d applied with Media Vine for other types of sites and gotten rejected.

So I was very pleased that this one made it in . Um, and yeah, so that, um, in that did a bit of a bump over a zoic, not like a next level transition, but it, it was good. Um, and then at that stage I didn’t really pay much attention to the website versus other sites that I had. It was more like, okay, this is one of a stable of around 10 content sites that I own.

I’ll do three articles for that one, three articles for another one, three articles. And I spent about the same amount of money on it. As I did on the other site. So I think I spent about 20,000 US and I had already bought other similar sites for, um, around about the same, a little bit less another site in exactly the same niche.

I’d spent 14,000. So I was kind of dividing my time between those two, like two or three articles for this one, two or three articles for the other one. And after about three months, I’m sort of noticed that whatever I put on this site, it, the, the articles did well and the traffic was improving and on the other side it wasn’t doing very much.

And then by about December that year, I just thought it, you know, I really should pay attention to this site and just see if I can, if I give it even more articles and even more time, you know, what can happen. And that really changed things instead of just, you know, giving it the same amount of attention and having a little bit of growth.

I gave it pretty much all my attention and it got, yeah, we definitely, uh, paid dividends and it got all the growth so, Yeah, that’s worked out really well, uh, not so well from other sites. They’re definitely being neglected , but financially it’s been a much better decision. 

Jared: Where is that site at now? And I mean, we’re recording at the very tail end of 2022, so it’s almost perfect cuz you were talking about how you were buying this site almost middle of 2021.

You got it on Media Vine. You, you, you started to see this upward trajectory by the end of 2021. Here we are basically like a year later now. 

Garth: Yeah, so look, it’s definitely, uh, doing a lot better. So when I bought it, what was it, 1200, um, visits a day or so. Now it’s doing, um, it’s just hit 27,000 visits for the day.

So that’s, um, yeah, a pretty big increase, which is, you know, fantastic. I feel very, uh, very lucky about that. Um, I’m just bringing up the monthly things. It’ll be around about 600,000 or 700,000 visits. Uh, what is it that a week? Apologies here. Just going through Google Analytics.

Yeah, so 755, uh, sessions, seven 55,000 sessions, or 666,000 users in the last month. So yeah, a pretty big, pretty big change. And it just threw all through, putting traffic on. Um, I’ve gotta say, so this is a, you know, an existing site. Um, no, I haven’t done any link building at all on this site, so that’s been great.

That’s, I think, great for two reasons. Um, one, I don’t have to worry about, um, contacting people and, and organizing links and possibly getting penalties for that sort of thing. And also, um, just the time it takes, you know, it takes a lot of time either organizing a company to do a link building strategy or to actually contact people and say, Hey, you know, how about we do this for links and, and all the different things you do to get links, they all take time.

Um, and I haven’t had to worry about that at all. So for me it’s just all keyword research, getting the articles ready, making sure that’s fine. Um, and then posting ’em on the side. 

Jared: Well, by all accounts, that’s like a 25 x increase in page views in a year. That’s pretty phenomenal. What type of, um, what type of earnings is it giving you at this 

Garth: point?

Uh, well a lot better. Um, what is it in US dollars? Gosh, I, in a, in Australian dollars it’s around about, um, 50,000 in the last month. So I, I’d, I’d have to find out what that is in US dollars. Yeah.

Yeah, about 33,000 US dollars. So that’s, uh, more than I paid for the site, all up much more. Um, so yeah, so that’s, that’s . I, I’ve definitely spent a fair bit on articles, um, but nowhere near the amount what it’s earning. So, you know, again, that’s very lucky and I think that it’s good being in the niche that it’s in.

Um, it earns a lot more purview than travel does and certainly a lot more than Stok who ever did free games is about the worst, um, CPCs that you can imagine. Yeah. 

Jared: Oh, well that’s a good story. That’s a good story right there. I mean, to go from, uh, you know, crushed by the pandemic, struggling to find, um, I guess, you know, a livelihood to put food in the table.

And now, you know, 2022, here we are, uh, recording at the end of 2022 and you’re going into 2023 and beyond with a site determining. Over $30,000 a month. Congratulations. And, um, okay. Thank you. Well, we gotta hear how you did it. We gotta hear what you did along the way. You’ve already buried the lead on links.

You haven’t done any link building. Yeah. . So that just knocks that one. I don’t have to ask you about that. What el what did you do to grow this site so much? Um, 

Garth: so de definitely, uh, aa rfs and doing a lot of keyword research, just finding out what other people are writing about, what other people are searching for, and then just doing better articles.

So you’ve had a few people on your site, uh, sorry, on your podcast, which have been doing just the same thing. You just, uh, you can use atr, you can use s e m, rush and Majestic and all those ones I, I imagine. But you just find topics with Lowkey difficulty, um, which are getting plenty of traffic. And then have a look at the top 10 ses and then just see radio who’s there already.

If there’s space for someone else, like, you know, there’s a few competitors who have got low DR or low, you know, page authority, all that sort of thing, then you figure, okay, I’m in there with a chance. Then, you know, have a look. You don’t have a look at each article every single time. Just have a look before you begin and once, once you start getting success.

Um, so the magic number might be, you know, a thousand words about, you know, these sort of topics. Or it might be 2000 depending on your niche, depending on, you know, what other sites are doing. And you’ll find I am in your niche that you’re gonna come up against the same competitors again and again. It’s, mm.

Stunned if there’s any niche out there at all without a few big players already doing it. So just have a look at what they’re doing. Um, you can see in, you know, a res, you know, how much traffic they’re getting. Um, so obviously they’re doing something right. Have a look at their articles, how long they’re doing, what sort of, um, like, uh, sort of what the quality is.

You know, some of the sites just put up absolute amazing rubbish, and, uh, not quite AI generated stuff, but just stuff that you think, wow, this isn’t either answering the question or this is clearly padding, or something like that. And if you can do something a bit better, I think that rather than helping you rank now, it’ll help you future-proof things when Google gets a bit better at weeding out that.

I can imagine it will, but also I think it’d be much more appealing to a buyer knowing that they’re gonna have a look at the site and you can point them to the articles and they’re not gonna be coming back to you and saying, well, this is rubbish in a new Google update. This site’s gonna be devalued.

Everything like that. So I think that’s a good strategy. Um, and then interlinking within your existing articles is very important, and I’m sure a lot of your, um, the people on there have mentioned that as well. So I try to find existing articles that I’ve already got and will link within them and not just have a sidebar saying, check out this thing, or something like that.

Try to weave it into the article saying, uh, here’s a, a problem with, you know, this sort of car, or something like that. But if you own this other sort of car, then it also has the same problem and then just link to the next car. Um, or all that sort of thing. So to try and get, um, topical relevancy, um, with, with your links.

Um, and that’s really, that’s, that’s it. And then, Commit to doing, you know, a certain number of articles every day. You know, you’ve just got to, whether you’re writing it yourself or whether you’re hiring someone and you’re placing the links, it’s just every day. So that means, you know, having either a team of writers or just setting Simon Simon time aside for myself and to just go through and do it.

Um, otherwise if you’re just doing fits and starts at the end of the month, you’re like, well, I only got 10 articles done. Whereas if you’re just going, no, I’m gonna do two a day, you’re just like, at the end. Wow. That was 60 articles and it’s a lot more manageable. So 

Jared: you talked about how you had a bunch of other sites, yet this one’s kind of gotten the bulk of, of your, of your investment or your interest.

Um, are you writing the content for this yourself? Are you, did you kind of build up a team of writers? Um, I’m curious how you executed on all these keywords that you found, and then maybe we can learn a little bit more about the process you, you went through in writing them. 

Garth: Um, look at this stage, definitely I’m not writing the articles.

Um, and I’ve got a team, I had a feeling. Yeah. , yes. I’ve got a team of writers. So right at the very beginning I was writing a few articles for, you know, over the different sites, but then it was like, okay, it, it was difficult back then because I wasn’t making much money. So it’s like, what are we gonna spend on?

But I think, well, if things are gonna go well, I need to, you know, have at least one writer around who can write for, you know, and get things moving a bit. Otherwise, it’s just gonna be too slow to get anywhere. And then it’s hard to know, well, am I on the wrong track or am I just doing too little of it to know what’s going on?

But by the time the things were moving, I actually had one writer who was writing, cause I had a, a few, um, websites on this topic. And so he was able to, you know, write so for three or four articles per month, per site. And so that was doing okay. Now, I would give him the, the title, um, the keywords and say in broad strokes, here are, you know, um, other sorts of articles that are doing the same sort of thing.

You’ve got to write a more in-depth article than this. Then it would be, I also wrote up a style guide, which is like, okay, when if you’re answering a question or if you’re covering a topic, don’t just go, here’s the main keyword in the title and then don’t mention it anymore. Like, um, be very, uh, liberal with the keyword.

And I’m not saying spamming, but make sure you have it in, uh, other headings spread throughout the article. So if you’ve got at the top, you know what causes, I don’t know. Breaks to, you know, stop working. Then the first thing you should, you know, you should have a little paragraph about going into what a, you know, problem, this is anything like that.

And then the first thing could be, you know, types of breaks that can go, that can fail. And then the other thing is, you know, causes, and then down, once you pass that is, you know, here’s how to fix it. So each of the headings, you know, um, mentions the keyword or a variation of the keyword, and it’s got other things that the user will be searching for, um, which will help, you know, make the article more comprehensive and so better for the user.

Um, there’s another reason that you would want to have your information right near, like the, the most, how, how to say the, the, the, the core information towards the bottom of the page is that you’ll have a chance for the user to scroll past. So that sounds a little bit, um, I don’t know, uh, not, not for the user, but it’s definitely for you that, um, the user will have a chance to, to view the ads.

So you may either get paid by CPM or click on ads and you’ll have a chance, more of a chance to earn money than if you’ve got your answers sort of right at the top. Um, so this is something that Mediavine, you know, talk about a fair bit. They’ve got, um, a list of, you know, things that you can do to improve your site and improve your earnings.

And so they’ll talk about, you know, putting the content at the site, particularly for recipe sites, you know, don’t recipe right at the top. Um, and, you know, just do it down the bottom when they’ve had a chance to scroll through and you’ve had a chance to earn some money. Um, so yeah, I think that’s most of the, uh, most of the process.

Um, now, uh, as well as writers, I’ve actually got people that come up with the. And I’ve just hired a content editor who’ll go through and once the writer submits the article, they’ll tidy it up and they’ll also do the interlinking as well. And I just do a final check. So I’m trying to stop being the blockage.

Um, cuz the writer was writing the, now that I’ve got several writers, they were able to write more stuff, then I was able to place every day, especially with travel coming back a bit now. Um, and I still want momentum to increase, so I need to Yeah. Move out as much as possible while still maintaining quality.

Jared: You mentioned at one point that when you were doing keyword research, you were able to identify a bunch of sites that were doing, you know, content that wasn’t great and you wanted to write content that was better than that. What are, what are the things you look at when you’re kind of determining, hey, that content isn’t very good.

I can, I can do better than that? We can beat that out. Like what are some of the factors that make content good versus not good when you’re evaluating this? 

Garth: Sure. Um, look, I dunno how relevant it is to Google, but you know, poor English, um, is definitely a user signal. Um, and are the feeling. That to a point, it will become a Google signal at some point.

I don’t think that they can devalue it too far, but, um, but you know, when you’ve just got stuff that just doesn’t really make sense, it sort of meanders around or I don’t know if you’ve seen some AI written content. It’s sort of a very circular, you know, the way you get to the shop is you walk to the shop and then you’re at the shop and that’s how you get to the shop.

you know, things like that. I have seen that . Yeah. Yeah. And you just think, okay, well look, as far as s e o keywords going, it, it’s talking all about the shop, but as a reader reads it, you’re like, ah, that didn’t really do much. So stuff that actually answers, you know, the question or is, you know, useful.

Other times that I’ve seen content is really just a collection of, you know, the, of, of company contact details and, and things like that with no sort of surrounding information about, you know, what the, this is, it just sites sort of done that try to rank on, um, other like brand name keywords and stuff like that rather than.

Helping out the user with this is maybe how you solve the problem with your particular Panasonic product or your particular car problem, or something like that. They’ll just say, here’s the contact details for that, and keyword, keyword, keyword. And it ranks really well because maybe the site’s got a high DR or you know, something, but it’s not, it’s not great content.

And I think that, you know, following, you know what I said about, you know, having the, the different segments, um, and like covering, you know, here are the types of whatever problem, here’s the causes of the problem, here’s the solutions, that sort of thing. I think that that’s better content . 

Jared: Right, right. Uh, you talk, I mean, uh, clearly you published, I’m gonna guess a decent amount of content, just the numbers that you talked through in terms of, I think $1,200 a month to $30,000 a month or more.

Um, no link building. So, uh, how much content were you publishing, you know, in the latter half of 2021 and, and throughout 2022? 

Garth: Right. So the latter half, like, um, gosh, it’ll be two to three articles a day, and now it’s more like six to 10 articles. Wow. That’s a lot of content. It is, it is a lot of content.

Well, I’m not writing it all. . 

Jared: Well, it’s still a lot of content no matter who’s writing it. 

Garth: It is. But you have a, I I can see sites that are in my niche that are just doing, you know, huge, huge amounts, you know, and their, their traffic according to a RS is like seven or 8 million a month. And you just think, okay, you know, they’re not doing all that through just, you know, five pages that are getting a million visits a month.

They’ve got a ton, a ton of content, and they’re also not, um, just posting whatever they feel, you know, it’s, it’s all, you know, considered content. Okay. These are keywords that we think we’re gonna rank. This is in with the same niche, like de depending on your niche. There’s just endless, endless amounts of things that you can write about an endless amount, but things that people can search for.

Um, so if you’re going the low competition route, which a lot of people are these days, um, there’s still, you know, a pretty wide topic. And once you’ve covered what you think is your topic, um, if your site has enough sort of yeah, links pointing to it or enough, Dr, you can actually expand out that topic. I, I’ve seen a number of sites, um, go well beyond what you’d initially think that they’d be talking and are still doing well, they’re still, you know, ranking.

Um, so you can definitely expand. 

Jared: I didn’t ask you earlier on, but I, I want to ask you now what, um, what’s the monetization spread or the types of monetization you’re doing? Maybe you could kind of highlight like, hey, um, of the 30,000, like this much is coming from ad revenue and this much is coming from affiliate or something, you know, however it is your monetizing.

Garth: Sure. So when I first bought the site, it was a hundred percent Amazon. Um, and this was pre-product review website, um, pre-product review updates. Ah, so I think the product review updates are a pretty good indication about what Google feels about, um, affiliate websites. You know, if, if you are not posting video, if you’re not clearly, um, evaluating whatever it is you are posting on, just watch out.

Um, if Google’s coming for you clearly. Um, and we had, uh, a number of those sort of articles like best blah, blah, blah, and, you know, five things done in a table. All the sort of, you know, rec best practices for the time. Um, and that performed okay. Um, but you know, over the, the last year and a half, those pages have definitely suffered and I haven’t bothered to build links to those.

I haven’t bothered to keep them updated. And I’ve moved to, I’d be about 97% to 98%, um, display advertising. Okay. So, uh, I think, and look, I’m sure you’ve noticed a two, if you’ve ever been trying to buy something, like you’re saying, I, I was trying to buy a pressure washer and I was like, okay, I’ll have a look.

And the first couple of pages were, you know, sites where I thought, I wonder if this person’s ever seen a pressure washer. Really? I mean, it, it’s very hard to, once you’ve been in the industry, just like, right. You know, I, I really don’t know. And so then I was turning to YouTube cuz I can at least see they’re using it.

I mean, maybe it’s not real, you know, just like ads, you know, might be fake or something like that. But I like them , at least it seems like they’ve got the product. Um, so I’m not surprised Google is going after that and that would make me very wary about doing any sort of, um, Site based around products u unless I did actually have access to the products and was able to review them properly.

Which is, you 

Jared: basically took, you took like a product review site but flipped it on its head by, by how much content you’ve, you’ve been able to publish over the last year plus. 

Garth: Yeah. Yep, for sure. Um, look, I, hopefully the site is, you know, useful enough so that Google doesn’t, uh, come after that as well. But I, I can definitely imagine at some point Google’s gonna say, okay, now we’ve killed off all the product review sites.

Now we’re coming for the question and answer sites where they maybe not useful or, or whatever. Or they’re trying to do the, try the whole thing so that they, um, you know, they, they have that, uh, rich snippet, but now the rich snippet is the whole page. . 

Jared: Yeah. They certainly are taking up more and more, uh, real estate, that’s for sure.

Um, yeah, I mean it sounds, I mean, 2022 is a, a dizzying year of, of updates in terms of the just sheer volume of updates they announced. It sounds like you came away relatively unscathed. 

Garth: Touch wood every time you say something like that, , Google is just around the corner. But yes. Um, being very lucky. Good.

Good. I think being able to, um, not spend time on links has just been fantastic and not to be worried about that sort of thing. So, That’s, that’s great. And, uh, if you are doing decent content, then hopefully you’ve got less to worry about. But I, I don’t wanna be too cocky and say, I’ve got nothing to worry about or anything like that, because you never know what’s just around the corner.

Jared: I wanna ask you about maybe mindset, or I wanna ask you about, um, let me put it this way. Hindsight’s always 2020, and so it’s very easy for us to look back at your story and say, nice work. The guy went out, he bought a bunch of websites, he picked the one that was doing the best, but he put all of his effort in and he’s making $30,000 a month.

But the reality is for any of us who’ve been there or think about going there every one of those days is rot with, uh, big decisions. Have a bunch of, you know, like, which sites do I buy? I buy ’em. Which sites do I put my effort into? I have limited budget. Where do I put that budget? Okay. I see a couple sites starting to do well.

Like, I’m just really curious because the, the journey looks so smooth and so easy, but I know enough to know it was. Like, give people some insight who are on that path of trying to pick between several sites, trying to read into where to put their money and their time. Like I just want to get some insights from you on there.

Yeah, sure. 

Garth: Um, they’ve definitely had a few missteps along the way and a few things that, uh, you know, were good decisions, but for one reason or other didn’t really work out. So there was a site that I bought in, I think it was December, 2020. And it literally, the, um, transaction finished on Christmas Day.

It was just bizarrely bad timing. Um, and this was the biggest site. This, uh, came for 115,000 Australian dollars. And, um, what had happened is it had been listed on Flipper for a while and it was, um, making like 10 grand a month. These are all Australian, Australian dollars because, um, and I thought, you know, the site sold on Flipper for about $120,000.

And I was like, crap, you know, That’s a great multiple. That’s a multiple, 14 times earnings. Um, it’d be, it was a shame. I didn’t get that. Anyway, two weeks later, I got a letter from a broker saying, oh, here’s some sites that, you know, we’ve got to sale. And I saw the site listed on his, um, his thing, and I contacted him and he said, yeah, yeah, he was responsible from the flipper thing, but it didn’t go through and it’s still available.

And so I contacted the, the seller and we worked out something. I was able to buy it for 115,000, which at the time I always thought was just amazing. I thought even if everything goes south, I’ve got it for what, 11, 12 times earnings. And this. You know, it didn’t take long to buy it, but everything checked out.

All the traffic was coming from America. Everything was, is quite good. It was a very systemized website. It wasn’t like, um, it, it had thousands of pages, but each page had been developed, um, just based on statistics and based on stats. And, uh, there, well, there wasn’t a lot of change between pages, but each page was a particular model of a product.

And it talked about that particular model and different things you could do with it and, and was useful. But anyway, and the person had actually developed a few of other similar sites and was just getting rid of the whole lot. But all, all signs pointed towards good, like I was getting a great bargain and.

Bought that, and then over the next three months, everything was just fantastic. Then the site, I noticed it was slowly, um, going down in rankings and I couldn’t really figure out why. Um, it just, everything started, started going down and I was looking at the search engine rankings and they seemed fine, but when I went through to America and actually did it through a VPN n I could see that the rankings were actually being replaced with YouTube rankings.

So people were searching for something. Then instead of seeing my site, they would see YouTube stuff first. So just a Google update had come along, which was just slowly replacing all these, you know, my pages with, uh, getting pushed towards the bottom of the page with YouTube videos. So the site just went down and down and down as far as I could tell.

The real is really nothing unless I wanted to get into making YouTube videos, which I didn’t. Um, I’ve got no expertise in that. There’s really not much you can do. So what looked like a fantastic thing, now it’s gone from earning 10,000 a month down to earning, you know, 1500, 2000, and it still hasn’t quite paid off the, the amount that I paid, um, spent on it.

So what seemed like a good idea and everything, and it hasn’t gone sort of badly, but, you know, didn’t there, so, so everything is, like, everything’s a calculated risk. You know, this site that is currently going really well, it might, you know, seem like a no-brainer at the time or anything like that, but you know, you are always sort of doing the best that you can with the, the information that you’ve got and trying to, trying to capitalize on it.

So I just thought this is a great opportunity. It was a lot of money. Uh, definitely required a conversation with my wife, , all these things have gotta be done. Yeah, we’ve gotta be together on it. Hey, babe. Just lost a hundred grand, but it’s all cool . Um, and, um, yeah, you just, uh, try to minimize, minimize the loss.

So hopefully that site will eventually earn its way out. But, um, we’ll see. 

Jared: Let me ask you if I could, like, um, uh, are you, you have this one really great site that’s doing really well and what are you gonna do with all the other sites? Are you gonna just focus a hundred percent on this site, sell ’em off, or like, where are you at with all these other sites?

Garth: Well, the initial plan was gonna be yep, work on ’em for three months, six months, and sell them. Um, after I’d had that, then I realized that that was probably a little too short. Um, and also the sites weren’t experiencing dramatic growth and, and all that sort of stuff. So I did try to sell one of the sites in, gosh, it was probably six months ago, got it accepted into Empire Flippers and the site I’d bought for.

About 18,000 and was gonna be listed for 50,000. So the site had experienced slight growth in traffic, but a a lot better growth in income. So one of the, um, I, I changed up the advertising and I’d added, uh, notification ads. I don’t know if you’ve heard of like propeller ads, the company that there’s, there’s lots of different ways you can put ads on the site.

So the income had gone up dramatically. Um, empire Flippers accepted it. Um, then, um, through the listing I thought I had full control of Google Analytics, but it turns out I was still co-sharing it with the original owner. So I could do everything, but I couldn’t add new people to Google Analytics at the, this certain level that are needed to.

And the, um, empire Flippers required because they add people to analytics, automat. I could add people manually, but I couldn’t give them the ability to it automatically. And so they were like, oh, this is a bit of a problem. And I went, no worries, I’ll just contact the original owner. Well, he’s just gone completely dark.

So not contactable through email. I’ve got him on LinkedIn or Facebook. No, he’s, I don’t know, doing whatever. But, and so the whole listing fell through eventually, empire Flippers just said, look, we’re gonna withdraw it from sale, um, come back when you can do this. And so I had to actually switch over to the new sort of analytics, and now I’ve got a waiter year.

So that was my one time of selling it. And so since then, it was like, uh, the, the site that I’ve got is doing well. The other sites are just sitting in the background. I’m just spending all my time on growing the sites. The other sites are definitely neglect being neglected, and I probably should have sold them a while ago.

Probably the best time to sell ’em. I didn’t realize that this site was going to do so well. Now they’ve gone down a bit. It’s almost like not wet selling them. I’d rather, you know, sell off this main site than turn my attention back to these, that sort of thing. But, uh, hoarding, I’m, uh, a hoarder, unfortunately.

Jared: it’s hard to let ’em go. It’s hard to let him go. I know. Um, we’ve had several people on the podcast over the last year or so, and that you talk also about a site that maybe it got dinged by a Google update and you’re kind of thinking to yourself, oh, I should have sold it when I had the chance. But then you’re also thinking to yourself, well, should I try to recover it?

Should I try to grow it? Should I try to, you know, and so there’s all these, it’s a big mental game. It really is. Oh yeah, yeah. You know, it’s, it’s something to, 

Garth: there’s no, there’s security than having a Google update and having your site crushed. It’s like, great. There’s all the work there. Gone. Do you put in even more work the possibly?

Absolutely nothing. It’s, yeah, it’s a killer. Yeah. 

Jared: Yeah. Um, I mean, going forward for this site you have now the, the site we’ve been talking about, the site that’s exploding in, in growth. Uh, I’m curious what 2023 and beyond looks like and, and you mentioned it, the travel industry’s kind of back. I mean, I don’t know how it is specifically in Australia, but it’s definitely on the rise and people are traveling a lot now.

And so now what do you do? ? 

Garth: Well, yeah. Yeah. I just, uh, cl myself and . Um, I actually enjoy the travel industry, um, and it gets you out of the house a bit more and stuff like that rather than working on content sites. So that is something I’d like to go back to. Australia’s probably feel, you know, is a bit behind everywhere else about rejoining travel.

We are a bit late with the vaccines. We’re a bit more isolated. Um, so travel hasn’t completely rebounded back here yet, so I’ve still got a little bit of a window before. I’ve got no time. But yeah, the idea is to keep growing this content site and then sell it in 2023. Um, I’ve got systems relatively in place so that the site can go without me being a, you know, being too hands on to it.

And that was something I maybe wanted to talk with. When I first started buying the content sites, I already had, you know, experience with Upwork, experience with hiring writers. So I was, when I made the decision to, you know, hire a writer and, and move things on a bit faster, it wasn’t a real mental thing for me.

It wasn’t like, oh, what do I do? What do I do? Um, and now when I, I thought just recently, well, if I really want to grow this site, what, what would I need to do? And I was like, well, okay, well, instead of having, you know, two or three writers, I should have five or six writers. And rather than just adding them all, just one at a time, maybe just add them all in one go.

And that would be if, if I suddenly bought a site. Now that might be something that I would do immediately. So rather than wait two. I should do what I think is required to actually, you know, be two years further down the track now. So that’s something I’m doing as well. Um, they’ve greatly increased the number of writers just recently adding on the content editor.

And rather than doing everything from a Google sheet, I’ve got a custom written program to manage the writers. So I easily see what they’re adding. Um, and it can do screenshots of everything and it’s, it’s all much better. The Google sheet’s wonderful. And certainly the price is right, but, um, you know, it, it’s not designed for managing writers.

So yeah, I want to see how far we can grow it and then hopefully sell it. And this will just be, uh, um, a nice little story to look back on , hopefully. 

Jared: It’s good. It’s a good plan. It’s a good plan. Yeah. There’s, um, there’s, uh, certainly have several potentially successful things you could put your time towards and I just was curious if you were gonna try to divide and conquer or stay 100% focused and, and, uh, and, and go about it.


Garth: yeah, I’ve definitely thought, you know, with the team that we’ve got and sort of what I know now to maybe buying another site and doing it, but then I, so I don’t know, maybe I’ve just been lucky. So maybe rather than do that, just concentrate on what I know is working at the moment. Just focus on that rather than split my time.

Cause even if I am incredibly lucky and get lightning twice and, you know, this next site does well, I’d still be splitting the time between the two. So I’ve made a conscious decision just to focus on that. As much fun as it is to scan, flipper and scan the Facebook groups to see if there’s anything there.

Just cut that out, given myself the extra hour in the day and just concentrate on what is working currently. 

Jared: Focus, focus, focus, focus. Um, we have covered a lot today. Is there any, I’m trying to look over my notes here. Is there anything we didn’t talk about that you think, um, would be great for, for, for listeners to hear about?


Garth: well, I don’t think so. I think that’s covered. Yeah. Pretty much everything. Um, yeah, no, I, I think that’s pretty much it all, it’s 

Jared: really cool to hear your story because, um, I think that, uh, you know, you, you, you’re very just casual about how you tell about this growth, but the number of articles you’re publishing per day, the number of, uh, of websites you kind of bought along the way.

Like, there’s, there’s a lot that went into this and, uh, you clearly had a really, I, I was gonna say a really good plan, but I’m just gonna say you clearly executed it well. I don’t know, maybe your plan, you were making it up as you went, but you’ve executed it really well, and I think that there’s one.

Perhaps people should take from this. And this isn’t always the case, but I heard someone say to me at one point, and it’s always stuck with me, that it’s a lot harder to get a website from zero to a thousand dollars than it is to get it from a thousand to $5,000 than it is to get a 10. For sure. Your story really emblem, uh, like is emblematic of that.

Like you found the, the diamond in all the sites you had and you just put the gasoline on it and you really showcased how it’s not easy, but really when you focus on something that has some upper momentum and you just go for it, the what the possibilities are. 

Garth: Yeah, for sure. Well it’s funny, you know, you say when you put the gasoline on it, cause I look back and I think, man, I was just screwing around in 2022, you know, like I had four or five months where I just diddled with one or two articles.

I didn’t realize what I could have been doing. Um, and the funny thing is I believe that. I’ll look back on this last year, you know, which maybe even looks like, you know, great growth, but in a few years, you know, I’ll look back on this year and say, I just stuffed about what, just two articles a day. What was I thinking?

You know, and I really think that, you know, you move from mindset to mindset. What was huge then, um, you know, if all things go well, you build up experience. So you’re just like, okay, I know how to manage a team of writers now, or I know how to employ someone, or I know how to do the systems. Two articles.

Yeah, that’s great, but now I know how to get, you know, five or six articles or 10 articles or whatever a day. Just so you know, your, your knowledge. Um, and with the, the websites and the different things I tried, I guess I’ve got a, uh, gosh, I can’t remember the exact term, but I, I’d prefer to be doing, doing things.

So, you know, it was fun looking for websites and it was sort of fun buying, um, sites rather than sort of just sitting on the ones that I had. Um, There was a few, uh, good, you know, there’s good Facebook groups out there, which talk a lot about buying sites. Um, you know, talk about the, the different issues with Amazon and stuff like that.

And because it was all new at the time, it was quite fun learning about it. But then, you know, you’ve got to not just read about it and you’re like, okay, now I’ve learned that thing. Let’s go and, you know, see if we can buy another site or let’s, you know, do that thing that they said, you know, that if we change this, then the advertising will, um, you know, the, the CPMs will go up, that sort of thing.

And be always trying to do, you know, something new, trying to move things forward. 

Jared: It’s tough. It’s tough. It’s, it’s great though. It’s great that, um, that you, you know, you’re right. Perspective is so key. I mean, you might look back on this and say two articles a day is not much. Uh, yeah. It’s, it’s a great reminder.

Right. Um, well, hey, Gar, 

Garth: think maybe I’ll be just like, I dunno what I was thinking with the guy five. I lost all my money. 

Jared: Yeah. Maybe he’ll go back to two, two a week. Two . Maybe. Maybe. Uh, well, I hope not. I, I hope we’re, you’re on in a couple years telling us about how 20 a day is, is, is done by breakfast. So , 

Garth: well, it, look, I don’t know about you, but I think the content space, you know, with the ra uh, the rise of AI content is gonna get very, uh, interesting and difficult.

Um, I’d say within the next year. I mean, it’s already, you know, AI content’s definitely here, but you know, with all, uh, craziness around, you know, Dali two and Stable Diffusion, what’s that’s doing for images. Um, I think that’s gonna happen for video and that’s gonna happen for written content in a big way very soon.

And we are gonna go from nobody really having heard of it, to, you know, it being ubiquitous. It’s just absolutely everywhere. And then I don’t know what’s gonna happen with content business. I mean, I hope that there’s a way forward, but I think it’s gonna be in a very tricky spot. I, I don’t know what you think about that sort of thing.


Jared: definitely something to pay attention to. Yeah, I, I totally agree that the landscape’s always changing. Uh, and if it’s not Google, it’s uh, it’s something else it seems, right? 

Garth: Yeah. A absolutely. And then, well, how much are I gonna invest with this possible, you know, roadblock that I’ve just like, try not to think about that and just go sort of all in and hopefully we can ride it out or change our ways or adapt to it, but we’ll see.

Jared: You’re doing well along the way, . Um, yeah, thanks. Where can, where can people follow along with what you’re doing or, or perhaps get in touch with you if they, if they want to? 

Garth: Uh, look, the best way if they’d like to get in contact is through LinkedIn. Um, I’m not really active on Twitter or anything else like that.

Um, yeah, just get in contact there, obviously, um, they write to me through, I know the pilot or I, I want that flight. They can get in contact with me there. But yeah, probably the best way. LinkedIn. 

Jared: Yeah. Yeah. Great. Well, we’ll include, uh, a link to that in the show notes. And, um, uh, Garth, thanks much for joining us and congratulations on your success.

And, uh, long may it continue as you, uh, as you continue down this path, uh, uh, going forward. Thanks 

Garth: so much, Travis. You know, your, uh, your listeners and subscribers have found something useful in all that I’ve certainly , you know, gotten a lot out of, uh, your past interviews. 

Jared: Well, good. Well, thanks for being on board.

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