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How Adam Enfroy’s Site Reached $80k Per Month in Less Than 2 Years

Adam Enfroy knows a thing or two about digital marketing and SEO.

This self-taught influencer fell into the industry by chance. In 2019, he took the plunge and started a software review blog.

Adam ditched the usual approach to growing blogs: writing and promoting content, for a more unique strategy: scaling his site like a startup. This involved writing a few pillar posts, aggressive link building, and finally, monetization.

It worked pretty well: by the middle of 2020 he was making $80k per month from his blog.

Want to learn more about how he built such a successful site so quickly? Keep reading to hear Adam’s story.

How It All Began for Adam Enfroy

Adam went to college at Michigan State University, where he studied video and audio production. Unfortunately, towards the end of his time there, he got kicked out, put on academic probation, and moved back home with his parents. 

This was attributable to a combination of partying too hard and increasing disinterest in his studies. But as is often the case, the situation had a silver lining.

Living at home gave him the push that he needed, and he spent his days teaching himself about digital marketing. Like his college major, he found it both creative and analytical, but with more career opportunities.

Soon he knew enough to start helping others with digital marketing: from email marketing and social media to PPC, SEO, and everything in between.

When his probation was over, he returned to the university to finish his studies, but ultimately he continued on the digital marketing path.

A Life-Changing Moment and a New Job

After graduating, Adam was still struggling to find the right job.

In an unexpected turn of events, his outlook changed after participating in an intensive read at a 3-day long personal development course. He emerged with a new and better understanding of himself and he was ready to take on the world.

Adam decided to take life by the horns.

He moved from Michigan to Austin, Texas to take a job as an affiliate manager for BigCommerce. While he was working there, he saw firsthand how influencers and bloggers promoting the SaaS e-commerce platform were earning lots of money from their blogs.

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He excelled at his position and was eventually promoted to head of digital marketing, where he managed a team of people and a multi-million dollar budget. However, the stress and scrutiny started to wear on Adam, so he pivoted to a new path.

How Adam Enfroy Leveraged His Experience

After acquiring extensive digital marketing expertise and SaaS experience and managing e-commerce marketing for several national brands, Adam felt he was ready to strike out on his own.

He decided to start a blog or, more specifically, an affiliate site, to review and recommend SaaS tools.

His site officially launched in January of 2019. Adam kept his day job and worked diligently on his side hustle with the hopes of making it profitable in 3 to 6 months, despite it being an extremely competitive niche.

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Adam Enfroy’s Unique Approach

Instead of growing his blog “like a blog,” Adam used a more unconventional approach and focused on scaling it like a startup.

That means he skipped the usual strategy of writing, promoting, and sharing content. Instead, he worked to scale it right out of the gate.

He put in 100+ hours per week between his day job and his side hustle.

The exact steps he took were as follows:

  1. He launched his WordPress site with 5 pillar posts and set up his email funnel
  2. Sought out freelance writers and content creation companies to write guest post content
  3. Aggressively pitched guest posts and got them published to speed up backlink acquisition
  4. Once his articles were on page 2 or 3 of Google, he used tools to optimize his content to outrank the competition
  5. Once his posts were on page 1, he added affiliate links to monetize them
  6. Rinse and repeat

The Results

Adam’s strategy worked like a charm.

After just 3 months, he had obtained more than 500 backlinks and his site had 7.6k organic visitors per month.


After 6 months, his site built up over 3,000 backlinks, 44k per month in organic traffic, and a domain rating of 66. He was officially making more money from his website than from his day job.

After just 9 months, his blog was earning $35k per month, and in February of 2020, it was making $45k. Three months later, Adam was earning $80k per month.

He ditched his job, became a digital nomad, and started traveling the world.

Today he teaches other people to do what he did, with a special, free masterclass and several in-depth how-to guides on his website. Adam hopes to be an inspiration and for others to use his strategies to build successful websites, just like he did.

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