the future of blogging are blogs still relevant in 2021 and beyond

The Future of Blogging: Are Blogs Still Relevant in 2021 And Beyond?

Is blogging dead? What is the future of blogging? Is it too late to start a blog in 2021? Are you struggling to find “helpful” answers to these questions? If…

the origin story and strategies of mens lifestyle blog heartafact


Baker from, a men’s lifestyle blog, joins us for a blog interview. He shares his website’s interesting and unique origin story, along with the learning curve he had to…

tim ferriss net worth 10 powerful lessons from tim

Tim Ferriss Net Worth: 10 Powerful Lessons from Tim

Tim Ferriss net worth is over $100 million, most of which has been acquired through his businesses and early investments in billion-dollar companies including Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and more….

how much does google adsense pay per pageview and three good alternatives

How Much Does Google Adsense Pay Per Pageview? (And Three Good Alternatives)

Google Adsense is the way many new bloggers choose to monetize their blogs, but working out how much you can earn from it can be unclear. The big question is,…

how ricky kesler helped build income school into a 6 figure per month business

How Ricky Kesler Helped Build Income School Into A 6-Figure Per Month Business

I’ve just had the opportunity to interview Ricky Kesler from This is an interview that you’re not going to want to miss because he has a huge announcement –…

we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content

We Tested To See How Good It Is At Creating Longform Content

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about a company called Its founder Jasmine Wang has been doing some exciting things with AI in content marketing. is an AI…

top 10 seo tools for mac to skyrocket your websites search traffic

Top 10 SEO Tools for Mac to Skyrocket Your Website’s Search Traffic

Are you using an Apple Mac and looking for the best SEO tools for Mac? You’re in the right place. Search traffic is the lifeblood of any successful online business….

how to set up an affiliate marketing program for small businesses

How to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Program for Small Businesses

Marketing and promoting your products is essential for growing your brand. However, startups and small businesses are often working on restricted budgets, which means they can’t risk a low return…

introducing the easy affiliate wpforms integration with video

Introducing the Easy Affiliate WPForms Integration! (With Video)

[embedded content] Every website is flooded with forms. Chances are, you’ve probably filled out several forms yourself from the moment you opened your internet browser.   Signing in to check your…

are podcast ads profitable plus how to get started guest post

Are Podcast Ads Profitable? Plus How to Get Started (Guest Post)

Monetizing a podcast can come in many different forms. Your podcast could be a marketing vehicle to help you sell your products and services. You could also receive donations from…