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Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress: How to Keep Your Links Organized and Profitable

Running an affiliate or niche website becomes more complicated as the number of offers and articles grows. Using one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress can help you to stay organized.

On top of managing your links, these plugins offer features like table creation, geolocation, and more to help run your website.

Complete List of The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

Choosing the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress means getting the right features for your website. Not every plugin comes with the same features, and some may not meet your needs.

On top of this, some of these plugins may be more expensive than similar plugins with better features.

To help you choose the right plugin, I’ve covered all of the options currently on the market and narrowed them down to the best choice.

1. AmaLinks Pro

Screenshot of AmaLinks Pro website homepage.

AmaLinks Pro is a premium Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress site owners. The plugin offers a simple and intuitive way to manage affiliate links and create product displays.

Some of the plugin’s core features include Amazon compliant pictures, an Amazon Prime eligible badge for select products, an affiliate disclaimer, and call-to-action buttons.

Premium subscriptions also include a table builder addon and premium support.

The plugin can be purchased either as a yearly subscription or as a lifetime unlimited license. Overall, the plugin is okay but lacks advanced features that make plugins like Pretty Links and Thirsty Affiliates better.

Pros of Using AmaLinks Pro:

  • Amazon compliance pictures
  • Lifetime license available
  • Prime eligible badge feature
  • Affiliate disclaimer templates

Cons of Using AmaLinks Pro:

  • More expensive than plugins like Thirsty Affiliates
  • Lacking some advanced functionality

Check Out AmaLinks Pro

Learn more about AmaLinks Pro directly from the founder. Check out this interview with the founder of AmaLinks and discover if it’s the right plugin for your needs.

2. Thirsty Affiliates

Screenshot of Thirsty Affiliates website homepage.

Thirsty Affiliates is what I’ve used for over four years. The plugin is intuitive and straightforward and, for me, has never caused problems with my website or created plugin conflicts.

You can run all types of affiliate links through the plugin, including Amazon affiliate program links. In addition, the plugin has special features to help you comply with Amazon’s terms of service, such as smart uncloaking.

Other advanced features include geographic redirects, statistics reports, WPML and Polylang plugin integrations for multi-language websites, and easy affiliate link shortcode creation.

The best thing about this plugin is that it comes with a free basic version which is excellent for new niche and authority site owners. Once you have the traction, you can upgrade to the premium version for advanced functionality.

Pros of Using Thirsty Affiliates:

  • Geographic redirects
  • Multi-language plugin support
  • Smart uncloaking for Amazon links
  • Free version for getting started

Cons of Using Thirsty Affiliates:

  • No lifetime unlimited site license
  • More expensive than some other options

Check Out Thirsty Affiliates

3. Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP Plugin)

Screenshot of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin website homepage.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin available on the AAWP website. It offers a range of benefits to help site owners with everything from managing links to improving click-through rates.

Primary features include dynamic text links, multiple product box stylings, automated lists, and so on. The plugin also has more advanced functionality such as pre-built templates and styles, Google AMP support, and geo-targeting for foreign visitors. 

You can run your affiliate marketing campaigns through AAWP, even including non-Amazon product links. This process can help you to improve affiliate income and better manage your links to stay organized.

Pros of Using Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP):

  • Geo-targeting for different countries
  • Customizable pricing and comparison tables
  • Handles non-Amazon affiliate links
  • Supports Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Cons of Using Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin:

  • No free version for beginners
  • No lifetime unlimited site license

Check Out AAWP

Check out a more in-depth review of the AAWP Plugin to see if it’s right for your affiliate link management needs.

4. Amazon Link Engine (Geniuslink)

Screenshot of Geniuslink website homepage.

Geniuslink is a powerful tool for localizing, tracking and managing your affiliate links. Part of the tool is the Amazon Link Engine, which allows for the localization and management of international links.

The Amazon Link Engine plugin is free to download and use. To get more advanced features, however, you will need a Geniuslink account.

These features include advanced Amazon affiliate link tracking and reporting, audience retargeting, and link health monitoring.

Overall, Geniuslink comes out to be cheaper than many similar plugins due to the pay-for-click pricing. You pay a small flat fee monthly and then a certain amount per-thousand clicks you receive.

For new websites, this makes using Geniuslink and the Amazon Link Engine much cheaper than competitors.

Pros of Using Amazon Link Engine (Geniuslink):

  • Link health monitoring
  • Amazon link localization
  • Pay only for the clicks you get
  • Audience retargeting

Cons of Using Amazon Link Engine (Geniuslink):

  • Must pay for an account to use all features
  • No lifetime license

Check Out Geniuslink

You can find out more about the creator of Geniuslinks, how the tool came to be, and much more from this interview with the Geniuslink founder.

5. WZone

Screenshot of WZone Amazon Affiliate plugin website homepage.

WZone, also known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin, is a premium plugin from developers AA-Team. The plugin owners regard it as the most stable and unique Amazon affiliate plugin on the market.

One of the upsides is the advanced features such as Amazon Associate affiliate sales reports, Amazon affiliate coupons, and Amazon dropshipping management.

In all, the plugin has over 30 advanced features for Amazon affiliate marketers to utilize.

The plugin comes with a limited light version allowing people to demo the functionality.

Their pro version can be purchased and downloaded through the Envato Marketplace, allowing you to upload the plugin to your WordPress site.

Pros of Using WZone:

  • Manages Amazon dropshipping
  • Over 30 advanced features
  • Cheaper than similar plugins
  • Affiliate commission earnings reports

Cons of Using WZone:

  • Only for use with a WordPress website
  • Support can be slow at times

Check Out WZone

6. Lasso

Screenshot for homepage of the WordPress plugin Lasso.

Lasso is a WordPress affiliate plugin offering a full suite of marketing tools. Like thirsty affiliates, it’s geared towards all affiliate tracking and not just Amazon.

Niche and authority site operators can benefit from advanced features such as A/B testing and optimized product displays, link cloaking, a broken link checker, and more. In addition, the plugin has an Amazon integration that updates every 24 hours.

The one drawback to this plugin is there is no free version.

This premium plugin can be paid monthly or yearly with no lifetime license option. You can purchase and download the plugin from the main website.

Pros of Using Lasso:

  • Handles all affiliate links
  • Link cloaking
  • Broken link checker
  • Optimized product displays

Cons of Using Lasso:

  • More expensive than similar plugins
  • No lifetime license option

Check Out Lasso

If you’re interested in finding out more about Lasso, you can check out this great interview with the founder of the plugin, Matt Giovanisci.

7. Easy Affiliate Links

Screenshot from WordPress plugin Lasso website homepage.

Easy Affiliate Links, not to be confused with the plugin Easy Affiliate, is a freemium plugin from developer Bootstrapped Ventures.

The plugin is a simple solution for basic websites that don’t need a lot of advanced functionality.

Some of the features in the free version of the plugin include short link creation for cloaking affiliate links, automatic text disclaimers for affiliate pages, link-click tracking, and more.

Premium features include enhanced statistics and charts, a broken link checker, and geo-targeted links.

You can download the free version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository and purchase a license for the premium version from the developer’s website.

Pros of Using Easy Affiliate Links:

  • Affiliate disclaimer generator
  • Link cloaking
  • Enhanced statistics
  • Easy to download the plugin

Cons of Using Easy Affiliate Links:

  • Lacking many advanced features
  • No Amazon-specific integrations

Check Out Easy Affiliate Links

8. AAPro

Screenshot from AApro wordpress plugin website homepage.

Amazon Affiliate Pro is a premium plugin similar to the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. Both plugins have similar features and target the same audience.

The AAPro plugin claims to work with all popular themes.

Advanced features include enhanced analytics, multi-product import, unlimited layouts, responsive design, and more — users can also benefit from the easy 5-minute setup and configuration.

You can purchase the plugin through the Envato Marketplace for a flat fee with the option to pay extra for extended support.

Pros of Using Amazon Affiliate Pro (AAPro):

  • Cheaper than similar plugins
  • Responsive design
  • Quick setup and configuration
  • Multi-product import

Cons of Using Amazon Affiliate Pro (AAPro):

  • Poorly rated in Envato Marketplace
  • Lacking advanced features

Check Out Amazon Affiliate Pro

9. AzonPress

Screenshot for AzonPress website homepage.

AzonPress, not to be confused with EasyAzon, is a premium Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress users. The WP Manage Ninja development team created the plugin.

Some of the advanced features of the plugin include automatic link tracking, custom comparison tables, link styling, and image links. However, compared to similar plugins, AzonPress is lacking in some of the more advanced features.

One upside to the plugin is that you can purchase a lifetime unlimited website license. This license can help to keep yearly costs down and make managing subscriptions easier.

Pros of Using AzonPress:

  • Custom comparison tables
  • Link styling and tracking
  • Ability to use image links
  • Lifetime unlimited license option

Cons of Using AzonPress:

  • Lacks some more advanced features
  • No free or trial version

Check Out AzonPress

10. Pretty Links

Screenshot from Pretty Links website homepage.

Pretty Links is a freemium link tracking plugin used by some of the top affiliate marketers. The features are similar to Thirsty Affiliates with more advanced functionality.

Some of the basic features you can use with the free version of Pretty Links include clean and straightforward URL creation, advanced tracking and click reporting, IP exclusion from stats, and much more.

The premium version also includes advanced redirect types, auto-linking to keywords, and priority support.

You can download the free version of the Pretty Link plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. However, to upgrade to a premium license, you will need to visit the website.

Pros of Using Pretty Links:

  • Easy URL redirect capabilities
  • Advanced tracking
  • Detailed click reporting
  • Auto-linking to keywords

Cons of Using Pretty Links:

  • More expensive than similar plugins
  • No lifetime unlimited license

Check Out Pretty Links

11. Amazon Auto Links

Screenshot for Amazon Auto links website page.

Amazon Auto Link is an easy-to-use Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress from developer Michael Uno. The plugin has a free basic version with the option to upgrade.

The plugin helps by auto-generating links for Amazon affiliate products based on preselected categories.

This can help you save time instead of searching for individual products and constantly updating out-of-stock items. 

The plugin supports all Amazon locations. In addition, the premium version gives you advanced filtering to improve product display.

You can upgrade to the pro version on the developer’s website.

Pros of Using Amazon Auto Links:

  • Automatic link generation
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Simple to install the plugin
  • Supports all Amazon locations

Cons of Using Amazon Auto Links:

  • Lacks more advanced features
  • More expensive than similar plugins

Check Out Amazon Auto Links


Screenshot from AMZIMAGE website homepage.

AMZIMAGE is a plugin that allows users to insert Amazon product images into their website. The plugin is a freemium tool initially developed by Spencer Haws and now owned by Elegant Themes.

You can download product images from the Amazon database directly in your WordPress back end with the free version.

This feature saves you time and avoids completing the process manually. The premium version lets you use any size image, earn commissions on international traffic, and turn images into links.

You can purchase the premium version on the AMZIMAGE main website. If you are a niche or authority site owner looking to save time, the plugin is well worth it.

Pros of Using AMZIMAGE:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves time on inserting Amazon images
  • Allows you to monetize international traffic
  • Turn images into links

Cons of Using AMZIMAGE:

  • Lacks many advanced features
  • A bit expensive for what you get


Read more about AMZIMAGE to figure out if this is the right plugin for your Amazon image needs.

13. Affiliatable

Screenshot of Affiliatable website homepage.

Affiliatable is a table and product box building plugin that allows you to showcase affiliate products visually. Improved visuals can help to increase conversions by putting products in a better light.

The plugin can build comparison tables, top three product boxes, single product boxes, and pros & cons boxes. Other features include an Amazon API integration, geo-targeting, in-depth click reports, pre-designed templates, and more.

Affiliatable is a freemium plugin. For primary users, the free version gives you unlimited tables and boxes on one website. The pro version gives you extra features and can be purchased as a yearly subscription or lifetime unlimited license. 

Pros of Using Affiliatable:

  • Pre-made professional templates
  • Geo-targeting display
  • Schema optimized
  • Unlimited tables and boxes

Cons of Using Affiliatable:

  • A bit pricy for what you get
  • Limited features compared to other plugins

Check Out Affiliatable

14. Amazon Simple Affiliate

Screenshot for Amazon Simple Affiliate website homepage.

Amazon Simple Affiliate is another premium option from WordPress developer Timo Reith. The plugin has most of the basic features, as seen on the other options on this list, and a few advanced functions.

The plugin’s core features include accelerated mobile pages (AMP) support, star rating templates, keyword search, managed templates, and geo-targeting.

Advanced functionality includes email notifications, advanced caching, and multi-site support.

While the plugin has most of the features needed to manage affiliate websites, the pricing is higher than similar plugins. Unfortunately, there’s also no option for a lifetime license or agency pricing.

Pros of Using Amazon Simple Affiliate:

  • Geo-targeting 
  • Managed templates
  • Works with accelerated mobile pages
  • Advanced caching

Cons of Using Amazon Simple Affiliate:

  • More expensive than similar plugins
  • Lacking more advanced features

Check Out Amazon Simple Affiliate

15. EasyAzon

Screenshot for EasyAzon website homepage.

EasyAzon, not to be confused with Azon Press above, is marketed as a way for affiliate marketers to save time and increase profits. The app is entirely free to use with no premium version.

With it being free, some more advanced features are missing. However, the features available are plenty for beginner site builders.

Some of the features EasyAzon offers include an automatic link localizer, advanced analytics reports, product popups, link management, and link cloaking.

The plugin is regularly updated, so it works with newer releases of WordPress. You can find the plugin through the WordPress plugin repository.

Pros of Using Easy Azon:

  • Completely free
  • Automatic link localizer
  • Click reporting
  • Link cloaking capabilities

Cons of Using Easy Azon:

  • It lacks some more advanced features
  • Sometimes slower support

Check Out EasyAzon

What Do Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins Do?

[embedded content]

The best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress can perform various functions that make operating an affiliate site easier. 

One of the essential features that almost all of the best plugins have is link management. This feature helps organize your links, so you know the exact pages on which every link is published.

But, more importantly, the plugin will monitor link health to avoid broken links.

Many dedicated Amazon affiliate plugins will also allow direct product import through the Amazon API. This can help save time writing out product descriptions and collecting all of the pricing information and pictures. 

Some Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins have particular purposes, such as pulling in pictures for affiliate listings. Others may focus more on increasing conversions and sales through A/B testing offers and building stylized comparison tables. 

What Are Some Standard Features Of The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress?

Almost all of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress will include some type of link management system. Usually, these will also integrate with the Amazon API so you can import products.

From there, features can vary significantly between products. Some of the more common features among premium plugins include:

  • Comparison table templates
  • Active link checking 
  • Affiliate disclaimer templates
  • Link localization for international audiences
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Link cloaking
  • Smart link uncloaking for amazon offers

This is not an exhaustive list of features, and the best thing you can do is look at each plugin thoroughly before purchasing.

Make sure to understand precisely what features you need for running your website to know if a plugin is right for you.

Also, you should know beforehand whether you’re going to use only Amazon affiliate links or affiliate links from other companies.

If the latter, then make sure to use a plugin like Thirsty Affiliate or Pretty Links that covers all affiliate links.

Why Use One Of The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress?

The main reason to use an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is that it will simplify organizing your affiliate links.

When you first begin with a new niche or authority site, you probably won’t have too many links. However, once you get fifty or so articles on your website and a few hundred affiliate links, these can be hard to track.

Imagine being in a tech-related niche where your products change every year and trying to keep your links updated — it would be a nightmare to keep organized.

If you’re running your website without an affiliate link plugin, you’ll also likely miss broken links, which is terrible for SEO.

However, with an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, you will know every link you have on your website and the exact pages where each link is displayed.

Many plugins will also inform you of broken links, so you’ll know when products are no longer up to date.

Overall, using an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress can save you many hours each week managing affiliate offers. All of this can potentially lead to more profit from your affiliate sites.

Is Amazon Still Worth Promoting As An Affiliate?

[embedded content]

Absolutely! Amazon is undoubtedly still worth promoting as an affiliate. While it is true that their payout rates have gone down across many categories, there are still many people making tons of money through Amazon.

Because it’s so easy to get set up with, Amazon is often a good option for new site owners.

Later on, it becomes easier to find alternative companies to promote and find new affiliate relationships with product manufacturers directly.

Another thing to think about is that Amazon is trusted by billions of people worldwide. This means there are fewer hurdles in getting people to accept purchasing a product through the platform.

Many people already have an account and active debit or credit card on file, making it even easier to make an immediate purchase. 

It is always worth finding higher-paying affiliate offers, but don’t discount using Amazon just because the payout may be lower.

In some cases, you may be the better offer due to this trust factor.

What Amazon Affiliate Plugin For WordPress Do We Recommend?

There are two clear winners for the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress: AmaLinks Pro and Genius Links.

Both are great for link management and do a great job tracking links and shortening long URLs. The premium versions of both plugins also give you a lot of bang for your buck, making it easier to justify the expense.

Using either of these plugins can help you stay more organized and ensure that any broken links are made aware of — this will help you avoid losing any commission that you would have received if the links were working.

AmaLinks Pro and Genius both have a direct Amazon integration to make using links from their affiliate program more manageable. 

If you aren’t currently using an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress, I highly recommend that you start doing so now. The sooner you get started with one, the less work you will have in the long run adding your links and staying organized.

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