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Adidas Affiliate Program: Why It’s So Great You Should Join Today

Does your audience love sports and the clothing associated with athletes? You might want to think about signing up for some of the top affiliate marketing programs in the industry. To this end, Adidas is a global brand with iconic shoes, clothing, and accessories. Joining the Adidas affiliate program may make sense for your blog, social media account, or niche website.

In this review of the Adidas affiliate program, we will cover:

  • Quick facts about the company
  • Commission rate and cookie duration
  • Pros and cons of the program
  • Specific ways you can make money with their affiliate program

Let’s dive right in!

Sign up for the Adidas affiliate program here!

Adidas Affiliate Program Application


The Adidas affiliate program is great for anyone who wants to promote their iconic shoes, clothing, and accessories with generous and recurring commissions, long cookie durations, and more. Sign up for the Adidas affiliate program here! 


  • Brand recognition
  • Long cookie duration
  • Generous and recurring commission
  • Marketing materials

Quick Facts about Adidas

Adidas is known for their sportswear, perhaps most notably their Stan Smith sneaker. While they are known for their footwear, they also sell athleisure apparel including joggers, leggings, and the like for men, women, and children.

You’ll find that their products are reasonably priced which makes them an ideal candidate for an affiliate marketing program.

Athletes who want to sell Adidas products to their audience will want to take a look at some of these quick facts to see if it is a good fit:

Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 9.02.54 AM

What is the Adidas Affiliate Program?

The Adidas affiliate program allows you to make money each time one of your readers or social media followers clicks through your affiliate link and makes a purchase. Adidas is constantly on the hunt for new affiliates who can help promote their brand.

Specifically, they are looking for partners who:

  • Love Adidas and the athletic lifestyle
  • Are passionate about their content and promotions
  • Have an engaged audience of both men and women ages 18-24
  • Can drive sales through measurable performance

The affiliate program offers great benefits to partners who want to promote Adidas. You can sell anything on their site with the exception of golf products. This makes it easy to find the perfect products for a roundup, review, or other affiliate marketing content on your niche website.

  • Commission Rate: Up to 7%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Action Lock: 1 month, 15 days after purchase

Who Runs the Adidas Affiliate Program?

Adidas does not manage their affiliate program in-house. Instead, you will find that the affiliate tracking is handled by another provider: Impact Radius.

Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 9.18.30 AM

This partnership with Impact Radius gives you access to direct performance metrics so that you can streamline your content. It also provides you with creative assets that you can use to market the Adidas name brand on your blog. 

This gives you peace of mind that you will get paid on time. The partnership with Impact is a great asset to their affiliate marketers, especially if you already have an account with one of the many brands that Impact represents such as:

  • Backcountry
  • Levi’s
  • Lenovo
  • Allstate
  • Felix Gray

What Do You Need to Join the Adidas Affiliate Program?

If you want to join the Adidas affiliate program, you will need to fill out their application. It will cover some of the basic information that they want their partners to have before they permit you to help with their marketing.

OneLittleWeb NP Banner

They will ask for more details on your website and social media accounts.

In addition, you will need to provide all of your personal contact information. Impact Radius will review all of your information. Sometimes, they may even make a phone call to verify your details and to discuss your promotional material in more detail.

Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 9.27.12 AM

What Can You Promote as an Adidas Affiliate?

Under the Adidas affiliate program, you can promote almost all of the items on their site with the exception of golf products. This opens you up to many different categories including:

  • Shoes
  • Clothing (shirts, pants, jackets, leggings, swimwear, and more)
  • Accessories (water bottles, backpacks, socks, etc.)

Benefits of the Adidas Affiliate Program

Free to Join

Like most affiliate marketing options, the Adidas affiliate program is free to join. It is backed by a well-known affiliate marketing company to give you peace of mind about the legitimacy of the marketing program. There is no risk to you to apply and to attempt to market their affiliate link on your niche website or social media.

Cookie Duration

You get a generous cookie duration that gives your readers an opportunity to think about whether they want to make a purchase. At 30 days, your audience will have plenty of time to help you earn that commission on whatever you promote.

Recurring Commission

Even better, you can earn more money if they make a subsequent purchase. For the next three transactions that they make after the first one, you get an equal commission. This is a reward for helping them to grow their brand through recurring customers.

Keep in mind that it is relatively rare to find an affiliate program that offers recurring commission for future purchases. While it is limited to the next three transactions, this still sets them apart from many of their competitors in the athleisure area.

Generous Commission

Most affiliate marketers who are a part of the Adidas program state that their commission rate is up to 7 percent. This is comparable to that of other name brands such as the Nike affiliate program and the Lululemon affiliate program. It is higher than other programs in the same niche such as Under Armour.  

Brand Recognition

Adidas is one of the largest athleticwear and footwear companies in the world. Promoting their brand gives you credibility that makes it more likely your audience will make a purchase. People trust the Adidas name brand, and you can cash in on this brand recognition.

Marketing Materials

Because the Adidas affiliate program is run through the well-known Impact Radius, you get access to free marketing materials. This can help you to create content that stands out online and makes it more likely that your customers will convert and earn you commission.

Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 9.45.28 AM

Disadvantages of the Adidas Affiliate Program


If you have an audience all over the world, you may have to apply to the Adidas affiliate program for all of the countries where you intend to sell. For example, they have a separate Australian program.

While it is still run by Impact, you may need to apply separately to get the proper affiliate link for your primary audience.

How to Make Money with the Adidas Affiliate Program

You have a lot of freedom to create the kind of content that works best with your audience. Some people are stumped to figure out how to market their new partnership with Adidas, but it can be quite simple if you are a fan of the brand already.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about content you could create:

  • Roundups of your favorite Adidas products in a certain category (shirts, shoes, etc.)
  • Comparisons of their top products (Stan Smith shoes vs. Samba)
  • Reviews of your favorite Adidas shoes or clothing
  • Social media posts about your favorite footwear with pictures

Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 9.57.31 AM

Should You Become an Adidas Affiliate?

Is the Adidas affiliate program the right choice for you? If you have an engaged audience of athletes (or even those who just love athleisure apparel), then the answer is definitely yes.

There are tons of benefits to joining as an affiliate to Adidas, including:

  • Brand recognition
  • Free marketing materials
  • Generous commissions
  • Long cookie duration

Not to mention, the program is free to join if you just want to test it out and see how well your audience likes the Adidas brand. You have nothing to lose by signing up as an Adidas affiliate. Additionally, it is well worth the time investment to see if this is a partnership your audience will love. 

Sign up for the Adidas affiliate program here!

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