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7 cPanel Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide For Web Hosting Enthusiasts

The realm of web hosting is ever-evolving, and choosing the right control panel can significantly impact your success. While cPanel has been a stalwart with its user account and server management capabilities, compelling cPanel alternatives exist.

They offer a diverse range of features ranging from easy-to-use interfaces to powerful automation tools that help you manage several websites all from one centralized hub.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a free, user-friendly interface or a platform capable of managing multiple servers, this guide to the best cPanel alternatives will help you discover the perfect choice for your web hosting needs.

7 Powerful cPanel Alternatives to Try

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer looking for advanced features or a beginner in need of an intuitive interface, there’s something for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our curated list of powerful cPanel alternatives.

1. Plesk: An Updated & Contemporary cPanel Alternative


is an excellent alternative to cPanel for individuals seeking a modern, user-friendly web hosting control panel. Its clean, contemporary interface makes managing multiple servers and domains a breeze, saving you valuable time in your business operations.

Key features of Plesk include:

  • Supports Apache, Nginx, latest PHP versions, Git, MariaDB, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin
  • Allows user account and database management
  • Offers third-party application installation with the best WordPress hosting options
  • Provides options for both command line and graphical user interfaces

Unlike other control panels, Plesk supports not only Linux servers but also Windows Server operating systems. This broad compatibility, coupled with its essential features like file manager, DNS management, and free SSL certificates, makes it a suitable cPanel alternative.

For both developers who prefer the command line interface and those who appreciate a graphic user interface, Plesk has you covered. Its flexibility extends to multiple domains, allowing you to manage your entire web hosting account from one control panel.

If you’re a website owner looking for a free cPanel alternative that can improve your server management while offering robust security features, Plesk stands as a great cPanel alternative. With a built-in firewall and malware scanner, your web servers are secured, giving you peace of mind as you focus on growing your business.

Pricing: Web Admin Edition is $14.13/mo (regular $15.50/mo), the Web Pro Edition is $21.42/mo (regular $23.50/mo), and the Web Host Edition is $37.13/mo (regular $40.50/mo). Partners’ Business Plans have a monthly minimum of $250.

2. aaPanel: Best for PHP Websites

If you’re managing a PHP website and looking for a user-friendly control panel, aaPanel could be your best bet. It’s a web hosting control panel that operates smoothly in both Apache and Nginx environments.

Here are a few popular features that make aaPanel an excellent choice:

  • One-click installation of LEMP/LAMP website environment
  • User-friendly interface for easy database management and file transfer via FTP
  • One-click installation of various CMSs and applications
  • Cron jobs, SSH, and a web-access firewall (WAF)
  • Free version available for unlimited domains

aaPanel can help you to simplify server management tasks. For example, it encapsulates common Linux commands into functional modules. This means you can create a website, bind a domain name, or set up a reverse proxy with just a few clicks.

It also stands out with its simple and smart visualization, making it one of the most accessible cPanel alternatives for beginners.

In terms of security features, aaPanel offers a one-click inspection of 16 common server security risks. It also provides solutions, integrates free Fail2ban and Nginx WAF, and ensures your server panel is safe and efficient.

Whether you’re a website owner managing a single dashboard or a server admin overseeing multiple servers, aaPanel is a reliable, free cPanel alternative. It’s particularly beneficial if you’re working with a CentOS web panel, need to manage user accounts or handle mail traffic.

Pricing: aaPanel’sBasic plan is free forever. The professional plan is $14.50/month or $118.32/year, including a free trial.

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3. DirectAdmin: Best for High-Volume Hosting

DirectAdmin is a comprehensive web hosting control panel designed for those managing websites or servers. With its user-friendly interface, it’s a viable alternative to cPanel.

Key features include:

  • Three access levels: Admin, Reseller, User
  • Admins can manage DNS records and view statistics
  • Resellers can create user accounts and packages
  • Users can manage email and database tasks.

DirectAdmin supports various platforms such as Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, and MariaDB. This tool streamlines server management, enhancing efficiency and saving time.

Additionally, DirectAdmin offers an affordable personal plan, while business users benefit from free installation and support for more domains and users.

Pricing: Personal Plus is $5/month for 2 accounts and 20 domains. Lite is $15/month for 10 accounts and 50 domains. Standard is $29/month for unlimited accounts and domains.

4. Webmin: Best Free cPanel Alternative

Webmin might be the solution you need if you’re seeking free cPanel alternatives. As a web server control panel, it’s perfect for those managing multiple servers on a budget.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s an open-source control panel available for Unix with a selection of hosting management tools.
  • Its graphical user interface is simple yet intuitive.
  • You can modify and control apps like BIND DNS Server, Apache HTTP Server, PHP, MySQL, and more.

Using Webmin can help streamline your business. You can easily manage DNS records, disk quotas, services, configuration files, and more. However, as it’s community-based, expect technical support through community forums and online chat sites only.

While it requires a high level of technical knowledge for advanced changes, Webmin remains one of the best cPanel alternatives for website owners and server admins looking to save time and money.

Pricing: Webmin is free for all to use.

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5. Froxlor: A Lightweight Option

The popular program Froxlor is another great free option, and it runs quickly for those looking for faster operations. This open-source control panel is a lightweight addition to your server, perfect for managing multiple domains and maintaining top-notch performance.

Here’s why you should consider Froxlor:

  • Manages different ports, IPv4/IPv6 addresses, and PHP configurations per domain
  • Installs free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt
  • Accesses reselling features, which are ideal for web hosts and developers
  • Offers a themeable interface that aligns with your branding
  • Monitors HTTP, FTP, and mail traffic via interactive graphs.

Froxlor is particularly useful for those who value an efficient and attractive management panel. However, it’s officially available only on Debian and Gentoo Linux distributions, and help is limited to community-based support. Despite this, Froxlor stands out among other control panels for its simplicity and functionality.

Most importantly, Froxlor offers a streamlined approach to website management. You can configure your hosting account exactly as needed, making it a popular control panel choice. It’s worth considering for server admins seeking a free, open-source control panel.

Pricing: Froxlor is a free web hosting management tool.

6. SPanel: Best Option for Scala Users

If you’re a Scala user looking for a cPanel alternative to manage your web server, ScalaHosting’s SPanel might be just what you need. With 15 years of experience in the web hosting business, ScalaHosting provides a reliable and efficient control panel that can be a game-changer for your operations.

Here’s the rundown:

  • SPanel offers a user-friendly interface for managing multiple servers.
  • It provides a robust file manager and seamless file transfer protocol operations.
  • It’s a great choice for handling reseller accounts.
  • Unlike other control panel options, it comes with a suite of security tools and automatic backups.

SPanel may not have the most eye-catching dashboard, but it prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. Its straightforward design makes website configuration and management a breeze.

One significant advantage of SPanel is its availability at no extra cost with any ScalaHosting VPS plan. This feature sets it apart from other cPanel alternatives, making it a cost-effective solution for managing your hosting account, whether on Google Cloud or other cloud servers.

In essence, SPanel provides a single interface to efficiently manage your web servers, hosting servers, and even Python projects. If you’re looking for a free, reliable, and user-friendly alternative to cPanel, SPanel could be the right choice to help your business grow.

Pricing: Managed plans:Entry plan is $19.95/mo for up to 5 accounts, Pro plan is $24.95/mo for up to 30 accounts, and Agency plan is $39.95/mo for up to 100 accounts. Self-managed plans: Entry is $9.95/mo, Pro is $14.95/mo, Agency is $19.95/mo.

7. ISPmanager: Performs Similarly to cPanel

ISPmanager is a robust control panel designed to simplify web infrastructure management, making it a favorable alternative to cPanel. It’s suitable for anyone seeking to streamline their website and server management tasks.

Here’s what ISPmanager offers:

  • Configuring Apache and Nginx web servers
  • Installing CMS and creating websites
  • File and domain management
  • Built-in tools for DDoS protection and spam prevention
  • Automatic backups.

What sets ISPmanager apart is its ability to support all popular CMS and most custom websites. You can manage multiple aspects of your website, from domains to SSL certificates.

Although its user interface may not be as friendly as some other cPanel alternatives, ISPmanager makes up for it with its broad range of features and functionalities. It allows for manual and cron job commands, making it a versatile choice for managing your VPS servers or shared hosting on a cloud server.

Pricing: Lite plan (up to 10 websites) is approximately $67/year, increasing to about $72/year from Feb 1st, 2024. Pro plan (up to 50 websites) is around $134/year, increasing to about $144/year from Feb 1st, 2024. Host plan (unlimited websites) is approximately $202/year, increasing to about $228/year from Feb 1st, 2024.

What are the Best cPanel Alternatives to Consider?

For entrepreneurs, the search for the best cPanel alternative continues to be a hot topic. The need for efficient tools to manage multiple servers is undeniable, and fortunately, there are numerous options available, each offering unique features.

So, what are our favorite choices? Here are two options we recommend to get started:

Plesk: Preferred for User-Friendly Interface

Plesk is highly favored for its user-friendly interface. It offers a visually appealing and intuitive platform that simplifies server management.

Its extensive feature set, including one-click app installations and automated updates, makes it a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced users. Plesk’s ability to manage multiple servers from a single account further adds to its appeal.

Webmin: A Favorite for It’s Free Plan

Webmin stands out as a favorite due to its flexibility. This free and open-source control panel allows for managing servers in a Unix-like environment, making it an excellent choice for users comfortable with this system.

Its comprehensive features, such as the ability to configure common packages directly, make it a top choice for server management.

Final Thoughts: cPanel Alternatives

While these are well-vetted recommendations, it’s important to take time to research each of these cPanel alternatives to determine which best meets your needs. Consider factors such as pricing, features, and user-friendliness to find the perfect fit for your website management needs.

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