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6 Easy Steps To Become a Dad Blogger Who Makes Money: With Examples

Want to be a Dad Blogger? We’ll take you by the hand and show you – step by step – how to succeed in this growing industry.

Historically, blogs have served as online journals for authors. But from its early days of being used by people to mainly document their daily activities and experiences, it has since evolved into a platform for both individuals and businesses to share information, promote services and products, and connect with their audience – including the online community of dads.

In recent years, the term “dad blogger” has increased in popularity as more and more fathers have started sharing their parenting experiences and insights online. 

So, if you’re a father with a knack for content, keep reading to find out how you too can turn your passion for blogging into a successful full-time job.

What Is a Dad Blogger?

A “dad blogger” refers to an internet author who writes about fatherhood from his own perspective. These writers often focus on topics such as fatherhood, parenting, family life, and product reviews for families.

These “dad bloggers” are often able to provide an invaluable source of support, information, and advice to other new or single fathers struggling to adjust to the roles and responsibilities of being a parent.

And Google Trends shows a steady upswing of interest in this niche in recent times: 

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Many also share information on other parts of parenting, such as commentary on societal issues affecting their children or tips on filing taxes for your growing family.

Remember, while different dad bloggers may have different approaches to writing about fatherhood, the best ones are able to create a community and foster a sense of connection and support among their readers. 

Free Father and Son Hugging Each Other Stock Photo

They usually do this through:

  • Engaging with followers on social media
  • Replying to comments and emails
  • Hosting events and meetups for their audience

Become a Dad Blogger In 6 Easy Steps

Now that we’ve talked about what exactly a dad blogger is, it’s time to talk a bit about how to become one. Here are six steps to get you started on your blogging journey:

Step 1: Do Your Research

Researching other father bloggers is often the first and most important step toward starting your own blog. Here are a few tips that can serve as a starting point and might give you an edge over other bloggers in your niche.

  • For dad bloggers, it’s essential to grasp the present state of the internet. After all, the internet is evolving continuously, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and topics within the parenting and fatherhood communities. This can help you create relevant and engaging content for your readers.
  • Join Dad-centric Facebook groups – they’ll give you some great ideas for topics.
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  • Check out the blogs of other fathers to discover what works and what doesn’t.
  • Keep track of your impressions of the blogs and websites you come across, noting down what you like and what turns you off.
  • Use free keyword research tools to make it easy to find the best keywords for your website. For instance, Answerthepublic serves as an excellent platform for searching for keywords. However, keep in mind that the site only allows for three free daily searches.
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Step 2: Pick a Niche

Finding a specific niche you have expertise in within fatherhood blogging is an excellent way to stand out from your competitors and connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and experiences.

To pick a niche, try identifying your unique perspectives and expertise as a father. For example, are you:

  • The father of twins or triplets?
  • Raising your children on your own?
  • Taking care of children with special needs?
  • A stay-at-home dad raising your daughters?
  • Someone who knows how to crack awesome dad jokes?
  • A first-time parent?
  • An expert at financial planning for families?

You could also consider your own interests and hobbies and how they relate to fatherhood. Do you enjoy outdoor activities, sports, or cooking? 

These could be great topics to write about as a dad blogger, as you can share your experiences and tips with other fathers who have similar interests.

Another way to narrow down your niche is to consider the type of content you want to create. 

Do you want to write personal essays and share your own experiences, or do you prefer to create more informative and practical content, such as product reviews or parenting tips?

Step 3: Build Your Website

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Once you’ve completed your research and identified your niche market, you should have a rough idea of what you want your blog to look like.

The usual format for the layout of a blogging website includes:

  • A “Homepage” that serves as an introduction to your blog and includes links to your most recent posts and any important pages or categories.
  • An “About Me” page that gives readers a sense of who you are and what your blog is about. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself and your family and share your background and experiences as a dad.
  • A “Contact” page where readers can get in touch with you and ask questions or leave feedback. This can include a form for submitting messages or your email address and social media handles.
  • A “Resources” or “Links” page where you can share useful resources or products related to your niche. This can include books, websites, or products that you recommend to your readers.
  • A “Category” or “Tag” system that allows you to organize your posts into different categories or topics. This makes it easier for visitors to find specific types of content on your website.

In addition to these core pages, your blog should also have a “search” function to allow visitors to search for specific topics and a method to collect feedback from your readers and followers, such as through comments, ratings, or surveys.

Just remember to use a solid hosting service like Iridium to ensure your “dad blog” performs well.

Top Tip: To learn more about how and what is required to create a blog like this, consider enrolling in online website-building courses like those found on Authority Hacker.

We have a full review of their course The Authority Site System (TASS) here.

Step 4: Join Popular Social Media Channels

With over 4.26 billion users globally, social media platforms are arguably the most important marketing tools available to bloggers today.

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After establishing your website, consider setting up social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, andPinterest to promote your content to a wider audience.

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Top Tip: If you need to go all in on one Social platform right now, TikTok might be your strongest bet. It’s exploding with this topic at the moment, with an insane 20 billion searches for the term “Dad influencer.” 

Free Iphone Displaying Social Media Application Stock Photo

You can use these platforms to create content relevant to the parenting theme by capitalizing on holidays such as Father’s Day, engage with your audience or other bloggers using posts and parenting humor, or increase your exposure by up to 100% using trending hashtags and phrases.

But remember, if you want your image to be consistent across all platforms, including social media, your website’s branding and tone of voice should be followed on all of your social media accounts. 

Step 5: Grow Your Audience

You can boost the number of people reading your content by maintaining a regular posting schedule and by implementing SEO best practices.

Not only will the people who read your content enjoy the consistency, but so will the algorithm that Google uses. In the same spirit, educate yourself on search engine optimization writing to ensure that you are utilizing keywords to rank higher on Google. (The blog you’re reading has tons of resources for this, such as how to start a blog).

It’ll help increase credibility, support your content marketing strategy, and minimize your need to run ad campaigns on social media or Google. Plus, you don’t need to spend a dime to implement it either – it can just take your time!

Step 6: Collaborate With Other Dad Bloggers

Free Blog Letters on Brown Wood Stock Photo

If you’re a domestic dad, partnering with other dad bloggers can be a great way to cross-promote each other’s best dad blogs and expose your website to a new audience.

Some examples of how you can collaborate with other influencers in your fatherhood niche include:

  • Guest posting on each other’s best dad blogs
  • Sharing each other’s content on social media
  • Hosting joint events or webinars

To find other bloggers to collaborate with, consider joining online communities or groups related to your niche or reaching out to bloggers whose work you admire.

You can also reach out to businesses focused on providing products and services that might be helpful to dads for sponsorship or affiliate programs.

Top Tip: If you’re planning on forming a partnership with a business for your blog, be sure to gather as much website data as possible about your blog’s monthly views, reader demographics, and engagement rates to help convince them to form an alliance with you.

Draw Inspiration from 6 Of the Best Dad Blogs of All Time

Now that you know how to become a dad blogger, here are a few examples of the best dad blogs to read to get your creative juices flowing.

Free Man Carrying a Baby Stock Photo

The Daddy Style Diaries

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The Daddy Style Diaries isn’t a blog restricted to parenting tips. It also talks about cars, lifestyle, and travel.

It’s no secret that fathers often struggle to find fashionable and practical clothing that fits their busy lifestyles. 

Luckily, blogs like this one are able to provide a wealth of valuable resources and inspiration for upping their style game.

One of the things we absolutely love about this website is the diverse range of topics it covers. From fashion trends and style tips to product reviews and recommendations, there’s something for every type of dad on this blog. 

The writing is also engaging and informative, and the images and videos used in this blog really help to bring the content to life.

Geek Dad

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For those looking for a unique blend of parenting and geek culture in a blog, the Geek Dad website is worth checking out.

One of the things that set “Geek Dad” apart is the wide variety of content it offers:

  • In-depth reviews of the latest geeky products 
  • Dad-centric gadgets
  • Fun and creative ideas for family activities and projects

There’s something for every type of geeky parent on this blog. 

The website also focuses on inclusivity and diversity. The blog features a wide range of perspectives and celebrates all types of geek culture, from sci-fi and fantasy to comics and gaming. 

Top Tip: If you’re a geeky mom, consider visiting the Geek Mom website instead – one of their partner sites featuring numerous mom blogs.

Lunchbox Dad

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Looking for a way to make lunch or dinner more interesting for the kids (and the wife)? If so, this dad blog might be right up your alley.

Visit Lunchbox Dad to laugh while learning about convenient bento school lunches, parenting advice, cooking products, and more! 

Here you’ll also find: 

  • Original healthy recipes
  • Mouth-watering images
  • Insightful commentary on life

The blog also focuses on sustainability and includes tips for packing waste-free lunches, as well as ideas for using up leftovers and incorporating more plant-based options into meals.

St. Louis Dad

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Parents living in St Louis will definitely appreciate the valuable resources on enjoyable activities and inspiration for raising kids that StLouisDad provides.

It touches on everything from fatherhood and family life to local events and attractions in the St. Louis area. 

It includes information on local resources and support groups for parents, as well as ideas for family outings and activities. It’s clear that the blog values the importance of building a sense of community and connection with other parents in the St Louis area.

Skint Dad

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Being a parent comes with many obvious and unexpected monetary commitments. So, if you’re having trouble conserving money and maintaining a comfortable standard of living as a father, you owe it to yourself to look at Skint Dad; one of the best dad blogs out there for those looking to stretch their finances.

In their blog, you can get tips on:

  • How to save money 
  • Earn more cash
  • Find special discounts
  • Make budget-friendly meals
  • Some free family activity ideas

The writing style is also humorous and captivating, and the blog includes a healthy mix of personal stories and expert advice to help frugal parents to save more money and live more sustainably.

High Tech Dad

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Another popular dad blog written by a father with a keen interest in technology, HighTechDad is a valuable resource for fathers that want to stay up-to-date with the latest tech and gadgets.

The blog includes:

  • In-depth product reviews
  • Gift guides
  • Practical tips on using technology in daily life
  • Top 10 lists
  • Product breakdowns
  • Some freebies and discount codes

Michael Sheehan – the mastermind behind HighTechDad – believes parents must stay informed and educated about technology to keep up with their children and have the right conversations about online safety.

Overall, it’s a one-stop shop for staying informed about the latest trends and innovations in both the tech and parenting world.


How Much Money Can I Make as a Dad Blogger?

The earning potential of a dad blogger is highly proportional to readership and exposure. 

However, according to a typical blog might make anywhere from $200 per month to $1,000 per month from advertising, affiliate networks, and brand partnerships.

Then there’s the aforementioned Skint Dad who was making $3,390 back in 2015 and has massively grown his site since.

Just remember that although it can be a terrific side business for dads seeking additional cash, it usually takes a couple of years of hard work before you’re generating anything close to a full-time salary.

Yes! They are. As we’ve previously shown Google Trends has this industry on the rise, and with approximately 72.2 million dads in the U.S. alone, it’s safe to say that fatherhood is still a huge market and a profitable blogging niche.

While there is a lot of competition for mother bloggers, there is still a wide-open field for dads who wish to share their perspectives on fatherhood online.

This is because more and more dads online are starting to seek out and look for other bloggers that they can relate to and discuss the male perspective of parenthood.

How to Stand Out Among Other Dad Bloggers?

Here are a few tips for making your blog stand out among other dad bloggers:

  1. Find a low-competition niche: Identify a specific area of fatherhood that you have expertise in and isn’t talked about much online, and focus your blog on that niche. This can help you attract a targeted audience and differentiate your blog from others that may cover a wider range of topics
  2. Create unique and high-quality content: Many dad bloggers struggle to pull readers to their websites due to poor-quality content and bad SEO practices. Make sure you aren’t one of them. Publish well-written, optimized articles with useful resources to rank higher on Google and motivate readers to return to your blog
  3. Engage with your audience: Building a strong relationship with your readers is key to standing out in the crowded world of dad blogging. Engage with your readers through comments, social media, and email newsletters, and encourage them to share their own experiences and insights to build a loyal following. Remember to use an authentic brand voice
  4. Promote your blog: Lastly, to reach a wider audience, you should promote your blog through various channels such as social media, guest posting, and other marketing strategies. This can help you attract new readers and establish yourself as an authority in the niche

Key Takeaways

  • A “dad blogger” is an internet author who writes about fatherhood from his own perspective.
  • While different dad bloggers may have different approaches to writing about fatherhood, the best ones can create a community and foster a sense of connection and support among their readers. 
  • The best way to stand out from the crowd is to develop your unique voice and use it.
  • Focus on your particular strengths and interests as a father and use those experiences to find a target niche.
  • If you want your image to be consistent across all platforms, including social media, your website’s branding should be followed on all of your social media accounts.
  • Finding companies willing to sponsor your “dad blog” can be a great way to monetize and generate income.

So, there you have it: 6 easy-to-follow steps on becoming a dad blogger and a list of some of our favorite dad blogs. 

The future of Blogging overall looks good, and by following these tips, you too can become a successful dad blogger like Michael Sheehan (HighTechDad) and start making money from the comfort of your own home! 

Just remember to be consistent, engage with your readers, and never stop learning and improving. 

Next: read how this Canadian father of 2 makes $30,000 a month from online entrepreneurship.

Or watch how two Dads grew a Mom blog about crafting, cooking, and parenting to $13,000 a month.

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