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4 Common Ecommerce Pain Points You Want to Address

Negative customer feedback can hurt your business. If your website offers poor customer support or overly complicated features, buyers may feel like they’re wasting their time (and decide to shop elsewhere).

This can be discouraging, but there are many ways you can target and avoid these pain points. By optimizing your online store‘s functionality, you can keep your customers satisfied and maximize your business’ potential.

In this post, we’ll talk about why you may want to pay attention to common ecommerce pain points. Then we’ll discuss four main issues that online businesses encounter. Let’s get started!

Why You Want to Address Common Ecommerce Pain Points

To address your business’ pain points, you’ll first need to know what they are. Simply put, a “pain point” is any problem that your customers experience. This includes a wide range of issues, from frustrating website design to a confusing checkout process.

When you resolve a customer’s problem, you can earn their trust. Most brands recognize the importance of gaining customer loyalty, but fewer are actually earning it successfully.

In fact, 77% of consumers feel a growing mistrust of companies in general. Fortunately, you can start improving your brand image by targeting common customer pain points.

When you create a satisfactory customer experience, you can also increase your referral traffic. After fulfilling your customer’s needs, they’re more likely to recommend your business to others. This boosts your reputation and increases your revenue without the cost of traditional advertising.

4 Common Ecommerce Pain Points You Want to Address

Now that you know the benefits of addressing pain points, let’s take a look at the kinds of problems your customers might face. Once you determine your consumer’s pain points, you can start implementing solutions for them.

1. High Prices and Fees

One of the most common problems customers face is their finances. Buyers may feel like they are spending too much money. This frustration can come from high product prices, extra fees at checkout, the cost of replacing low-quality products, or expensive subscription plans.

It’s important to make a profit from your business, so you may not be able to lower your products’ prices. However, there are other ways to relieve customers’ discomfort about pricing.

For example, offering discounts on future purchases can encourage customers to return to your business. You could also set up a referral program that incentivizes people to recommend your product to others. This reduces costs for referrers and helps you to gain new customers with little effort.

What’s more, because these new customers came from personal recommendations, they may feel more personally connected to your business. These types of customers are often willing to spend 25% more than other buyers.

Running a referral or affiliate program can be a smart way to gain customers who value your unique products or services. With software like Easy Affiliate, you can easily track transactions, customer acquisitions, and link clicks:

Easy Affiliate home page

A referral program even enables you to offer discounted items that encourage sales and long-term business growth.

2. Complicated Purchase Processes

In our busy modern world, people want to feel like they’re not wasting their time. Customers can easily become annoyed with your website if it contains complicated or confusing features.

This issue can lead to cart abandonment, which is a widespread problem in ecommerce. About 70% of digital shopping carts are abandoned before customers complete their purchases.

You can avoid this problem and improve your conversion rate by having a short and simple checkout process. Customers will be more likely to make purchases if they only have to go through a couple of quick, easy-to-understand steps.

One of the best ways to optimize your checkout process is by using “buy now” buttons, via our Buy Now Plus service:

Buy Now Plus home page

Buy Now Plus lets you add a buy now button to your online store, social media profiles, and more. This can improve the user experience by enabling visitors to skip account creation and make immediate purchases.

3. Poor User Experience

If your website has needlessly complicated or outdated systems, it probably won’t retain customers. Issues such as slow page loading speeds or a lack of updates can negatively impact your business’ success.

Most importantly, potential buyers can quickly be deterred by slow performance. As internet speeds have become faster, people are now used to instant loading. The slower your website runs, the more likely it is that a visitor will leave.

Fortunately, there are many ways to optimize your website. Using WordPress-specific hosting can be an effective way to improve loading speeds and handle high web traffic.

Hosts such as Flywheel offer servers and services that are optimized for WordPress websites. One of its best features is the lightning-fast page speeds:

Flywheel home page

Flywheel also provides 24/7 customer support teams that are knowledgeable about troubleshooting WordPress-related issues. Additionally, you can leverage auto-updates and nightly backups to ensure that your website is never out of date.

4. Lack of Customer Support

One of the most important ways to retain customers is by providing quality customer service. Your business may develop a poor reputation if you don’t promptly answer questions and offer solutions for complaints.

Customer service is closely tied to customer retention. About 50% of customers report switching to a competitor’s services after having one negative experience.

This means that it’s crucial to perform online reputation management. To do this, you can become active on social media sites and respond to negative reviews. By offering refunds, discounts, or returns, you can improve your reputation and increase your number of repeat customers.

You can also make your website more user-friendly by adding a chat feature. LiveChat is a simple but effective program that instantly connects you to your customers:

LiveChat home page

With LiveChat, you can create canned responses for frequently asked questions. This both improves your level of customer service and saves you valuable time (to be reinvested in other parts of your business).


There are many advantages to moving your business online, but it also has some pitfalls. To improve your relationship with customers, you’ll want to try and solve their most common complaints and issues. This way, you can better understand your audience’s needs and give them the best experience possible.

Let’s recap the four ecommerce pain points we’ve discussed:

  1. High prices and fees. Customers may be discouraged by the cost of your product, but you can reassure them by offering discounts and a referral or affiliate program.
  2. Complicated purchase process. Customers may be abandoning their carts due to a complicated checkout process. To solve this, you could add a buy now button to your site (and other places you sell online).
  3. Poor user experience. Your website performance could be suffering from slow page loading speeds. You can target this issue by using WordPress-optimized hosting.
  4. Lack of customer support. Your customers’ questions might be going unanswered. To improve your customer service, you might add a chat feature to your site.

Do you have any questions about these pain points and how to approach them? Ask us in the comments section!

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