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35 Creative YouTube Video Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Whether your YouTube channel is new or well-established, everyone eventually runs out of video ideas. You don’t want to put the same tired videos on repeat because it will bore your audience and cause them to leave your channel — maybe for good! Instead, you need creative YouTube video ideas that intrigue your audience and convince them to stick around.

What popular YouTube video ideas will spark your creativity and help you grow on the platform?

Let’s take a look at these 35 ideas to help freshen up your YouTube channel.

Beginner YouTube Video Ideas

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Once you decide on your YouTube niche and have found a good YouTube channel name, you are ready to make your first YouTube video. These beginner YouTube video ideas will help jumpstart your channel.

1. Introduce Yourself

Whether your YouTube channel is new or well-established, you might want to introduce yourself every once in a while.

People want to know more about the person behind the face of the channel, so get in front of the camera and share what makes you unique.

This is also a good time to let people know what sorts of content they can expect from your channel. Don’t underestimate how important this is as your first YouTube video!

2. Channel Trailer

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Sometimes, you might want to share more about your YouTube channel than you do about yourself. A channel trailer is one of the best ways to do just that.

A channel trailer takes people through what exactly they will learn by following your channel.

It’s also the video that typically plays when people visit your homepage on YouTube. Make a video that is high-quality and truly represents you, your brand, or your aesthetic.

3. Introduce Your Behind-the-Scenes Team

No man is an island. If you are searching for YouTube video ideas, you might want to draw some of your team members out of the shadows.

Introducing your behind-the-scenes team to your audience makes them feel more connected to you.

Give credit where credit is due, and make a video that paints your team in the best possible light.

4. Vlog or Day in the Life Videos

A lot of people enjoy watching a YouTube video about your day-to-day life. A vlog takes people along with you when you head to the store, work hard on your latest project, or stop to make a meal.

Do what you would normally do throughout the course of a day for one of these day-in-the-life videos.

5. Behind the Scenes Footage of Filming or Your Process

pexels kyle loftus 2510428

While it may not be as exciting as music videos, you can take some behind-the-scenes footage while you record your other YouTube videos.

People want to see your outtakes, blooper reels, and even your set-up for filming. Take them behind the scenes on a walkthrough video, and they’ll feel more connected to you.

6. Tour Video

Depending on where you work, a tour might be one of the best YouTube videos. People love to see your studio, home office, or any other place featured prominently on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Video Ideas to Boost Community

Sometimes, you might want to do more than establish who you are and why you have a YouTube channel. Involve your community and help them to feel a sense of connection to you and to one another.

Here are a few ideas that can make your community feel close-knit.

7. Question and Answer from Your Community

YouTube videos are a great place for you to answer those questions you get time and again.

Collect specific questions from your audience in the comments of your videos, on social media, or in the comments section of your blog. Then, provide detailed answers that will satisfy curious minds.

Keep in mind that you can collect questions on any topic. They might be personal questions, or they could be questions about your channel, popular videos, or your expertise.

8. Make a Book Club

pexels helena lopes 711009

Maybe you want to create a sense of connection as people learn alongside you. One of the best YouTube video ideas is to start a book club.

Everyone reads the same book, and then you come together to discuss what you’re learning or gaining from the resources.

The best part is that this can create ongoing content for weeks, depending on how quickly you finish the book together.

9. Interview Subscribers or Successful People in Your Niche

If you worry that you might be running out of things to say, some of the most popular YouTube video ideas are interviews.

You can create content by interviewing subscribers about their accomplishments as they relate to your channel. Alternatively, you can bring on experts and successful people in your niche.

This type of YouTube video requires a little more advanced planning and coordination, but it’s certainly worth it.

10. Create an Event

Host a virtual party or some other type of fun event. Then, you can turn it into a YouTube video. You could film the event live or offer playback for those who couldn’t attend the event.

This is a great time to get some B-roll footage to intersperse throughout your YouTube videos.

11. Sponsor a Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff! People will get excited to tune into your YouTube videos, leave comments, and share your content if it gives them a chance to win a desirable prize.

Plus, their friends might also share your YouTube video in exchange for a chance to win. It creates some buzz and could be worth the investment in the prize.

Alternatively, you could give away a service which comes at no cost to you.

12. Run a Competition

Everyone wants to be the best. A competition is a great way to drum up a little friendly banter and hand out a fun prize. Get people talking about working together to win!

13. Crowdsource Ideas

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If you are really at a loss for YouTube video ideas, you can ask your audience what they want to see. Make a video asking for ideas, post about it on other social media channels, or browse forums like Reddit to see what’s popular and trending right now.

Tutorial Videos

Create videos that teach your audience how to do something new. Here are some creative ideas for tutorials that can walk people through the steps they need to get your results.

14. How-to Videos or DIY Content

The first and most obvious video ideas include a simple how-to structure. Walk your audience through how to do something that you’re extremely proficient at.

Give them all the resources they need to DIY something, whether that’s painting a picture, editing music videos, or anything else that your channel is known for.

15. Follow Along with a Tutorial

pexels george milton 6953993

Another way to get people involved in the how-to of something is to follow along with someone else’s tutorial in real-time.

This shows you learning how to do something, helps other people troubleshoot, and gives air time to other YouTube videos. It’s a win-win for everyone.

16. Review Videos

Review videos allow you to talk about products you love (or those that didn’t quite hit the mark).

As a bonus, you can include affiliate links here to earn a small commission when someone purchases the item you decide to create videos around.

17. Product Tutorial Video

Teach your audience how to use a new tool with product tutorial videos. This should walk them through all of the steps needed to use the tool to its fullest capacity.

18. Recorded Webinars and Presentations

Webinars have an impressive conversion rate, so why not take advantage of the content you produce for your website or blog?

You can record those webinars and post them on your YouTube channel, effectively creating evergreen content.

While you won’t be able to do live Q&A on a recorded presentation, your audience can benefit from seeing the answers you give to others during the live session.

19. Testimonials

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When someone gives you positive feedback, share it on your channel. You can create tons of video ideas based on testimonials offered by real customers of your brand or your audience members.

This creates social proof that makes people more likely to watch or buy from you.

20. Online Class

Maybe you have lots of information to share. A great YouTube video idea is to create a longer class or a series of short videos on one topic.

Teach your audience everything you know about a topic, and they’ll be happy to come back time and again for new and fresh content.

21. Life Hacks

Do you know a way to make life a little easier? Create a video showing all your life hacks that they might want to use to simplify their life or save time.

Fun YouTube Video Ideas

If you don’t want to make a tutorial video because it seems too formal, here are some great YouTube video ideas that inspire a little fun.

22. Create a Parody Video

A parody video of something extremely popular, like a song on the radio, might be a big hit with your audience. This is a great way to incorporate a music video into your channel.

It’s highly engaging and a lot of fun for you to film.

23. Comedy Standup Routine

pexels ketut subiyanto 4307934

Share your best jokes with a short comedy standup routine. This can last for just a few minutes, or it could be a full-length routine. Better yet, you can get someone else to film you while on stage at a live event.

24. Create a Video of Your Bloopers and Early Takes

Everyone loves to see that their favorite YouTubers are real people. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at the funny moments that happen to everyone while putting together a polished and professional video.

25. Stream Video Gaming

Did you know that you can make money from playing video games? Stream yourself playing your favorite game, and people will happily watch you conquer those levels.

You can even take review videos of the game as you play through it.

26. Sing a Song

pexels brett sayles 2479312

Whether you have an incredible voice or you’re a little off-key, people will love to watch you create videos of yourself singing.

Pick a popular song and do the best you can. It will either be a sensation or, at the very least, entertaining to watch.

27. Challenge Videos

Challenge videos are a great way to cash in on trending ideas. Try doing something crazy for a full week or eat something out of the norm.

Just make sure you choose challenge videos that are safe instead of doing something ridiculous like eating Tide pods!

Other Amazing YouTube Video Ideas

Last but not least, here are some other good YouTube video ideas.

28. Unboxing Videos

pexels la miko 3616676

Are you excited about your latest purchase, and it came in beautiful packaging? An unboxing video is a great way to show others what you spent your hard-earned money on.

It might even inspire them to buy it for themselves (which should earn you a commission if you’re an affiliate).

29. Top 10 Lists

Give people more content to consume or make recommendations for what they can do next.

This type of compilation video is a great way to share your favorite things and share a little love for other products, services, YouTube channels, blogs, and more.

30. Travel Content

pexels leah kelley 3935702

Take your next trip and create some solid travel content. Film yourself in the airport, on the drive, at the convention, and every step in between. People will love to live vicariously through your travels.

31. Reaction Videos

A reaction video captures the exact moment you learn to do something, experience a current event, or try a new product.

These opinion videos are great for drumming up content, and they give your audience an honest look at how you feel about something before you have time to collect your thoughts.

32. Highlights Reel

Create the best of your content on a highlights reel. This is a great video mashup of all your best content and can be a simple YouTube video idea if your content is already edited and ready to go.

33. Time Lapse Videos

A time-lapse video shows someone the entire process of doing something without taking as much time. Condense that hour-long process into a ten-minute video for more easily digested content.

34. Whiteboard Videos

pexels christina morillo 1181345

If you have some artistic ability, you can create explainer videos using a whiteboard. Illustrate how to do something or explain a concept in just a few frames with this technique.

This type of animated video is extremely popular and fun to create.

35. Throwback Videos

YouTubers who have been around for a while might be able to make a video of their old content.

Whether poking fun at how much you’ve learned since you started or creating a compilation video of all your best content, this is a great video idea to reflect on where you’ve been.

Final Thoughts: Find Creative YouTube Video Ideas

Are you ready to make a video that your audience will love? These YouTube video ideas will kickstart your channel, create new content, and engage your audience in fun, new ways.

Decide on a few different types of content and create a video today! 

Check out these YouTube tools to help you improve your channel.

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