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11 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs: Secure More Commissions Today!

Insurance affiliate programs are a way for you to earn good commissions while providing security to your audience.

Forecasts suggest that the industry is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 9% each year. According to Statistica, this growth trajectory is expected to propel the industry’s value to nearly $8.4 trillion by 2026


In this article, you will discover how to leverage insurance affiliate marketing to bolster your income. And at the same time, provide valuable solutions to your audience’s needs. We will cover the nuances of different products and how to select the most lucrative programs.

Get ready to transform your understanding of insurance into a profitable venture!

Our Pick of the Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

Here, you’ll discover a curated list of opportunities offering unique advantages. Some have generous commissions. Others have robust marketing support tailored to elevate your affiliate marketing journey.


Hiscox small business insurance company offers tailored policies for:

  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Tech firms.
Hiscox small business insurance.

This company is recognized for its reliable services. It has a strong market presence and a high 4.8/5 rating on Feefo.

The affiliate program is accessible through CJ Affiliate. It provides a $25 commission for each completed quote. You will have the potential for higher rates as a top-performing affiliate.

Hiscox’s improved conversion rate by 27% makes it an attractive program for affiliates.

The company enhances its affiliate marketing efforts by providing affiliates with:

  • Banners
  • Links
  • Promotional materials
  • A dedicated in-house management team.

This program is an excellent fit for marketers targeting small business owners. It offers many opportunities for targeted marketing and conversions for solo entrepreneurs.

Hiscox Program
Insurance Product: Business Insurance
Commission: $25 per quote
Cookie Duration: 7 days
Market: US only

Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates in the US market.

Liberty Mutual affiliate program.

This is one of America’s largest property and casualty insurers. It is ranked 284 on the Fortune 500 list. Liberty Mutual is a well-known brand with a solid reputation.

The program offers commissions of:

  • $3 for renters
  • $10 for car insurance
  • $10 for home quotes
  • $17 for multi-policy leads.

Affiliates enjoy the best marketing assets like banners and text links.

Also, Liberty Mutual provides frequent sales promotions that allow you to earn bonus commissions.

This program is an excellent addition for affiliates focusing on a US audience. Liberty Mutual’s national presence and diverse offerings make it particularly appealing.

As an affiliate marketer, you can take advantage of the brand’s strong trust among consumers. This enhances its attractiveness for promotion.

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
Commission Rates: $3 to $17 per lead
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Products/Services: Auto insurance, homeowners, renters
Market: US only


Gabi is not an insurance company but partners with top insurance firms to offer various policies.

Gabi landing page.

The company is an online marketplace. It operates similarly to an affiliate model.

As an affiliate partner, you can introduce this cost-saving platform to thousands of your readers.

The Gabi personal insurance program is available through ShareASale. It offers commissions starting at $5 per lead, with potential earnings of up to $40 for purchases.

Affiliates are provided with:

  • Turnkey landing pages
  • Custom tracking links
  • A library of promotional materials.

This program suits the affiliate marketer focusing on the US market.


  • Travel insurance plan
  • Health insurance plan
  • Car insurance
  • Pet insurance. 


Lemonade Insurance offers an innovative approach to the industry. It focuses on:

  • Life
  • Home
  • Pet
  • Contents
  • Renters insurance
  • Auto insurance.

These are all managed through their AI bot, Maya.

Lemonade Insurance Company.

The company enjoys a strong reputation, with a 4.9-star rating in the Apple Store. I also got accolades from Supermoney and Clearsurance.

The Lemonade Insurance affiliate program is available through the Awin affiliate network.

The program suits bloggers, influencers, recognized brands, and media companies. This program equips affiliates with a range of marketing assets. These include a comprehensive content library and custom promotional materials.

Affiliates also receive updated campaign reports and support from the Lemonade team.

Lemonade presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates in various niches. The company boasts:

  • Diverse offerings
  • Technological innovation
  • A stellar reputation.

Cover More

Cover-More is Australia’s largest travel insurance provider. It caters to over 18 million customers annually. The company offers coverage for a wide range of adventure activities and 24/7 emergency assistance.

Cover-More travel insurance provider.

Their policies cover:

  • International and domestic travel
  • Ski and snowboarding
  • Motorcycle travel.

Commission Factory, the Cover-More affiliate program, offers a commission of 10% on each insurance policy.

Affiliates can access various marketing tools, including:

  • A travel insurance quote engine
  • Specialized advertising materials.

Cover-More added an app providing round-the-clock emergency assistance in response to the pandemic. This is a key selling point in today’s market.

The travel insurance affiliate program is particularly suitable for affiliates with an audience from Australia and New Zealand.

Affiliate link: Cover-More Affiliate Program
Commission Rates: 10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Products/Services: Travel insurance
Market: Australia and New Zealand

World Nomads

The World Nomads affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for affiliates in the travel industry.

World Nomads is a well-known travel insurance company with extensive global coverage.
It includes coverage for:

  • Over 150 adventure activities
  • In over 100 countries
  • 24/7 emergency assistance.
World Nomads is a travel insurance company.

Sign up for the World Nomads affiliate program through CJ Affiliate.

Affiliates enjoy co-branding opportunities, regional support, unique tracking links, and marketing materials.

World Nomads is more than just an insurance provider; it represents a community. This community is actively involved in global issues. This involvement makes it an option for people interested in responsible and informed travel.

The program is hassle-free, with a $10 commission per sale and no strict commission obligations.

The support team is dedicated to assisting partners in maximizing their earnings. This makes World Nomads one of the most compelling and rewarding insurance affiliate programs for travel-focused affiliates.

Pawp Affiliate Program

Pawp is an innovative alternative to traditional pet insurers. It offers pet owners plans:

  • Including 24/7 telehealth access to veterinarians
  • Emergency cost coverage
  • Supporting up to six pets on a single plan.
Pawp alternative to traditional pet insurers.

Their plans have benefits such as:

  • Unlimited remote vet visits
  • Exclusive discounts on vet-approved products
  • $3,000 emergency fund accessible once per year.

Pawp has affiliate programs on Awin and FlexOffers. This pet insurer offers tiered commissions. These range from $5 for vet consultations to $59 for monthly subscriptions.

Affiliates enjoy Pawp’s product offering and generous commissions.

This pet insurance affiliate program is appealing due to its flat-fee subscription model.

This option is attractive for pet owners seeking an alternative to traditional policies. It also presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers in the pet insurance industry. Learn more about pet blogging here!

If you are a pet lover, why not embrace pet insurance?

Affiliate link: Pawp Program
Insurance Product: Pet cover
Commission on FlexOffers: $59 per subscription
Commission on Awin: $20 per subscription
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Market: US


USAA was established in 1922 by army officers. It has a strong reputation and a significant social media presence with over 1.3 million followers. This enhances its appeal for promotion.

USAA is one of the 10 top Writers Of Property/Casualty Insurance.

USAA landing page.

The USAA affiliate program is tailored for the US military community. It offers a range of insurance and financial services, including:

  • Auto
  • Life
  • Home
  • Renters
  • Valuable property
  • Umbrella policies.

The program is hosted on the CJ Affiliate network. This program is ideal for websites and affiliates connected to military life. The program offers commissions of up to $25.

The program’s attractive features include:

  • A 30-day cookie duration
  • Varied commission rates for different quotes
  • The potential for extra savings for customers through bundled policies.

USAA is committed to serving the military community. On top of that, it has a comprehensive product range and dedicated affiliate managers. This makes it a compelling choice for affiliates targeting the American military market.

USAA Affiliate Program
Commission: $25 per lead
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Products/Services: Auto, Life, Home Insurance, Renters
Market: US only


The Ethos Life affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for affiliates, particularly those focused on the US market in the life and financial niches.

Ethos Life is an online life insurance company based in Austin, Texas. It simplifies obtaining life coverage. They offer policies starting at $7 per month without needing medical exams. Instead, they use predictive analytics and a straightforward online application.

Ethos life insurance company.

Affiliates can earn $20 to $55 per lead, with custom payouts for meeting return-on-ad-spend targets. The program is managed through Impact Radius and features an EPC of $2.79.

Ethos Life has partnered with renowned brands to provide their policies:

  • Legal & General America
  • Ameritas Life Insurance
  • TruStage.

Ethos stands out for its user-friendly approach, transparency, and affordability in life insurance services.

The company is well-positioned for growth with a recent valuation of $2 billion and large investor backing. The life insurance affiliate program offers one-to-one support from dedicated managers and various marketing tools. These include creative assets and sample sales funnels to aid in promotion.


Bestow is a US-based fintech life insurance company. It was founded in 2016. The company simplifies getting life insurance coverage by eliminating medical exams.

Customers can receive a quote and complete the application online in minutes.

Bestow life insurance company.

Bestow’s policies cover $50,000 to $1.5 million for a 10 to 30-year payment term.

The demographic covered by Bestow includes:

  • New parents
  • Newlyweds
  • Homeowners
  • Small business owners.

The Bestow program is available on networks like Impact Radius, FlexOffers, and Sovrn. It offers attractive commissions:

  • $25 per application on Impact
  • $40 per lead on FlexOffers
  • Varying rates on Sovrn.

The program provides affiliates with:

This program is an excellent choice for US affiliates in the insurance sector. Particularly those with an audience seeking convenient and hassle-free life coverage options. The more people you help find life cover, the more referral fees you can earn.

Bestow Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to $40 per lead
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Products/Services: Life Insurance
Market: United States only

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex is a prominent travel insurance provider in the United States. It boasts 25 years of industry expertise.

Travelex offers comprehensive travel packages designed to be affordable for all travelers. Besides travel insurance, the company’s primary business includes:

  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Issuing prepaid credit cards for travelers
  • Supplying central banks with foreign currency.
Travelex is a travel insurance.

Travelex insurance services cover:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Emergency medical and evacuation services
  • 24/7 access to emergency services. 

They are recognized for their efficient claims process, which ensures a high percentage of claims are paid.

Additionally, they can deliver payments faster than the industry average.

Why be part of this program?

Joining the Travelex affiliate program benefits those wishing to partner with a top-name in travel insurance. This program is ideal for:

  • Travel bloggers
  • Instagram influencers
  • Travel websites
  • Insurance comparison sites.

The program is appealing for several reasons. First, it offers high commission potential. Second, it’s backed by the reputable Travelex brand. Finally, affiliates receive comprehensive support and resources.

Is this the best insurance affiliate program? Well, it is pretty good, but look at our next section before you make a final choice.

Travelex Program
Commission: Up to $50 per lead
Cookie Duration: 45 days
Market: United States only

How to Choose the Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

To choose the best insurance affiliate programs, consider the factors below.

How to Choose the Best Insurance Affiliate Programs.

Type of insurance products:
Determine which products you want to promote, such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowners
  • Life coverage.

Commission structure:
Check the commission structure of each program, including:

  • Commission rates
  • Cookie durations
  • Bonus offers.

Product quality:
Ensure that the insurance coverage offered is of high quality from reputable brands.

Brand reputation:
Consider the brand’s reputation and whether it aligns with your target audience’s preferences.

Affiliate support and resources:
Look for programs that provide:

  • Adequate support
  • Marketing materials
  • Tools to help with the promotion.

Performance tracking:
Choose a program that offers real-time reporting and tracking of your perfo

Payment options and frequency:
Consider the available payment options, such as direct deposit or check. And the frequency of payments.

Ethical standards:
Ensure the program’s ethics and standards align with your values and target audience.

Some top programs in the insurance industry include:

  • Lemonade
  • USAA
  • Liberty Mutual
  • World Nomads
  • Ethos
  • Gabi. 

These programs offer various aids to help you promote products and earn commissions on sales.

  • Commission rates
  • Cookie durations
  • Marketing resources.
Factors to consider.

Tips for Affiliate Marketers

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If you want more structured training, look into The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity. You will learn how to build, rank, monetize, and then sell affiliate marketing websites. Best of all, if you use our link here, you get a discount of $200!

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Finally, I suggest you look at some of the best affiliate networks to see how they work:

Insurance Affiliate Programs: In Conclusion

Insurance affiliate programs offer a lucrative opportunity in the insurance landscape. Joining these programs is all about securing your success as an affiliate.

These companies have intuitive platforms, generous commissions, and a wealth of insurance-related offerings. So, your financial journey is primed for protection and prosperity.

Secure your spot in a rewarding affiliate realm and ensure a future of commissions and financial stability.

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