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10 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs For Higher Commissions

Are you looking for the best credit repair affiliate program to monetize your website? Then, this will be a timely read for you.

Getting out of debt, managing and improving one’s credit score is crucial to attaining financial stability, qualifying for loans for small businesses, and even for mortgages.

That’s why the credit repair niche is viable since everyone is looking for a way to repair or improve their credit score.

And in this article, I will recommend some of the best credit repair affiliate programs, their commission rates, and who they’re best for.

Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

30-Day Credit Repair

BEst Credit Repair Affiliate Program

30-Day Credit Repair is one of the most reputable credit repair programs and one of the best credit repair affiliate programs you can join. They are known for their 3-step solution that involves finding problems causing a low credit score and fixing them.

These issues include bankruptcy, tax liens, identity theft, foreclosures, settlements, etc. They do this by contacting the creditors, and if the creditors don’t respond or fail to verify these negative claims, then they can’t report the client and are obligated to eliminate them.

30Day Credit Repair collaborates with all relevant agencies to ensure they receive accurate feedback and reporting. Better yet, once they improve your credit score, they can also offer loans.

30Day Credit Repair affiliate program is quite attractive too. You earn up to 40% for every referral. The more clients you refer, the more commissions you earn.

Once you sign up on their affiliate program, you get a landing page that helps people subscribe and also helps track the audience’s behavior on the landing page.

Commission – 12 to 40%

Minimum Payout – $50

Cookie Duration – NA


American Debt Enders

BEst Credit Repair Affiliate Program

 American Debt Enders brand themselves as a “Debt Relief” company. Launched in 2006, they offer up to six different types of debt management. These include;

  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt settlement
  • Student Loan Consolidation and Help (Both Federal and Private)
  • Payday loans
  • Bankruptcy services.

Besides debt management, they also offer consultation to guide you on the best decision to take based on your situation and legal administration. What most people find interesting is their FDCPA Violations program that helps you recover or get compensated for any violations conducted by debt collectors.

You have a lot to gain by joining American Debt Enders as an affiliate marketer. Why? Just like there are at least 6 ways they help clients, you also have at least six ways to earn by referring people to either of their services. And that’s not all. You can also sign up on the Pay Per Call program and earn from every call.

American Debt Enders run their affiliate program through ShareASale, an affiliate network with a wide range of affiliate programs. But you can also deal with them directly. You also get banners, analytics, tracking, and any other tools you’ll need to promote this platform.

Commission – $25 to $40 Per Referral

Minimum Payout – $50


Capital Bank’s OpenSky

BEst Credit Repair Affiliate Program
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Capital Bank’s OpenSky takes a different approach to credit repair. While most of the other credit repair programs help fix and manage debt, OpenSky is a secured credit card provider that also helps avoid credit card debt. One of the major temptations is maxing out your credit card without thinking about how you’re going to pay for it.

But with OpenSky, you get a credit card limit, deposit that amount, and when you deplete it, you can’t continue using the credit card until you deposit more cash. For instance, if your limit is $2000, you deposit the $2000, which cancels out every time you spend.

That way, the credit bureaus will see that you are always paying your credit card debt. And that’s not all. If you want to stop using the credit card, they can refund the deposit.

OpenSky may be quite limiting for people who want to spend more, considering it also has a $35 annual fee. Still, it’s a good temporary alternative for those trying to rebuild their credit.

As an affiliate, you can benefit from this company in two ways; as a credit card affiliate program provider or a credit repair service affiliate program.

Commission – $25 Per Referral

Minimum Payout – NA



Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program

DisputeBee is more of a credit repair software. Unlike the other companies where experts help and negotiate on your behalf, DisputeBee allows you to conduct the credit repair process independently. It works great for individuals who lack the finances to hire a major company or anyone who runs a credit repair company.

All you have to do is upload your credit report. The software will go through it, identify negative elements, and produce letters that you can send to credit bureaus to dispute these negative elements.

In case the first letter doesn’t work out, you can still generate more follow-up letters until your credit score starts improving.

DisputeBee welcomes affiliates to sign up on their program, and they get to earn a 35% on every referral. Considering DisputeBee has two plans, a $39 per month plan and a $99 per month plan, you only need a few people to sign up every day to earn a considerable income.

Commission – 35% Commissions Per Referral

Minimum Payout – NA



TEachable 1

If your audience loves DIY, or they love learning better ways to increase and maintain a good credit score, Teachable is a good alternative.

Unlike all the other credit repair programs I’ve recommended, Teachable is more of a learning resource where course creators and industry experts share their knowledge for an affordable fee.

While you could pay a credit repair agent to help fix your credit score, it helps to have at least some basic knowledge on how everything works and how you can avoid falling into the same trap in the future. You’ll love that Teachable provides a wide range of learning materials, from courses, webinars, eBooks, to membership platforms.

It’s even better for you as an affiliate since you can earn up to 30% per referral.

Recommending a different program widens your scope and consequently increases your conversion rates since your content now appeals to a larger audience.

You can also recommend Teachable to credit repair programs that want to create courses and earn a recurring commission as long as they keep their membership.

Commission – 30% Commissions Per Lead

Minimum Payout – NA

Cookie Duration – 30 Days


Experian Credit Repair

Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Experian is the most trusted credit bureau by lenders, and it also doubles as a credit repair company. Having been in business for almost a century, Experian has gained lots of experience and built a good reputation.

For starters, Experian is a huge online resource for learning how to identify negative elements in your credit score, eliminating them, and general personal finance knowledge.

Secondly, they offer credit reports, scoring, credit monitoring, and identity theft protection for individuals and families. They can even match you with a good loan based on your FICO score.

The most appealing feature to most users is the Experian Boost, which instantly increases your credit score. However, not all lenders or companies will acknowledge this boost. But it’s great that you’ll get streaming services, utility services, monitoring, and a credit report, all for free.

Experian offers a wide range of affiliate programs depending on the services you’re promoting. For instance, Experian Connect is a program on its own allowing people to display their credit score, but they don’t list how much commission an affiliate gets.

On the other hand, the Experian Small Business Reports program allows businesses to get reports on their financial health, and the affiliate earns a 20% commission. You may have to contact them for the exact information about each affiliate program.

Commission – Varies

Minimum Payout – NA

Cookie Duration – 10 Days


Identity IQ


While most people accumulate credit card debt knowingly, there are cases where you are not aware of it until it’s too late. This may result from identity theft, where someone steals your details, gets a credit card, maxes it out, and abandons it.

Before you realize it, your credit score takes a huge hit, and you’ll have to settle this debt. Identity IQ helps prevent this by monitoring your credit score in real-time, reporting any identity theft issues ASAP. Other services Identity IQ offers include;

  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Antivirus protection and secure browsing
  • Credit reports
  • Identity restoration and insurance for your family
  • Data Breach Monitoring

Their affiliate program is pretty straightforward, where you earn at least $35 per lead.

Commission – $35 per Lead

Minimum Payout – NA

Cookie Duration – 30 Days


Lexington Law Credit Repair

Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program
Image Retrieved From

Lexington Law combines both legal and financial knowledge to help their clients fix issues in their credit scores. Launched in 1991, they understand how tiny issues can stand between you and getting that much-needed loan or mortgage.

Lexington Law Works with all three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) to challenge lenders to eliminate any unnecessary negative elements from your credit score.

They also work with you on the best practices to increase and maintain a good credit karma through counseling and providing helpful educational materials.

Lexington Law Credit Repair is as legitimate as they come, and it’s worth recommending to your audience. Besides, their pricing for comprehensive credit score restoration is quite reasonable.

For every successful lead, you can earn up to $65, which is quite high compared to the other programs.

Commission – $65 Per Lead

Minimum Payout – NA

Cookie Duration – 30 Days



Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Started in 1956, FICO is the metric used to measure your credit risk. And the same people who invented the FICO Score started MyFico, a credit repair program that helps you monitor and improve your credit score. They offer general scores, scores for loans and mortgages, identity theft insurance, and identity restoration.

That way, you are always aware of your credit score and the best way to improve it. Their pricing starts at $19.95, but if you want 24/7 identity monitoring, you need the $29.95 or the 35.95 per month plans.

Users also get access to educational materials and analysis tools. For instance, you can test how paying a debt will affect your credit score and so on.

Affiliates earn a $5 commission for every successful referral. While this may not seem much compared to the other credit repair affiliate programs, they provide excellent marketing tools, giving it a higher conversion rate.

Besides, low-ticket products are sometimes easier to sell. Not forgetting they are behind the most trusted metric system by lenders in the USA.

MyFico partnered with ShareASale to run the affiliate program. Thanks to this partnership, you’ll have access to marketing tools, tracking tools, and many other affiliate programs if you want to diversify.

Commission – $5 Per Lead

Minimum Payout – $50

Cookie Duration – Lifetime


National Debt Relief Credit Repair

National Debt Relief

National Debt Repair has carved a niche for themselves in the credit repair industry, where they help negotiate to lower your debts. Debts like private student loans, credit card debts, or medical bills can hang over you for a very long time.

But National Debt Relief offers to lower the debt by up to 30% if you commit to the program until all your debts are settled.

To qualify for their program, your debt should be ranging from $7500 to $100,000. But bear in mind that they don’t help settle federal student loans, utility bills, or IRS-related issues.

Once you’re accepted, you open a savings account where you pay an agreed-upon amount monthly. This amount is often lower than what you would pay the lenders directly. And National Debt Relief will get you a better deal for 10 to 15% of the total debt.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn in two ways. For starters, you can refer clients who need to settle their debts and get paid $27.50 per lead.

Secondly, you can refer other affiliates and earn a 12% commission on their sales. And since they use ShareASale, you can never run out of methods to promote this credit repair company.

Commission – $27.50 Per Lead and 12% on Every Affiliate Referral

Minimum Payout – $50

Cookie Duration – Lifetime



And that wraps up my guide on the best credit repair affiliate programs. There are thousands to choose from, but this list highlights some of the best. You are welcome to use several of them as you monetize your website based on the services they offer.

Also, integrity is paramount for any affiliate marketing campaign– provide helpful information first and only recommend products you’ve used or products you would use.

Looking for other types of affiliate programs?  Here’s our list of the best affiliate programs.

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